Fight Alongside DC's Greatest Superheroes For Free

With yesterday's addition to the PlayStation Network and today's flipping of the switch on the PC version, DC Universe Online is now free-to-play. Sony Online Entertainment celebrates with the most exciting trailer you'll see all... oh, never mind.

Both versions of DC Universe Online now feature three levels of access -- free, premium, and legendary, the differences between which are readily explained on the game's web page. It's a tiered system that handicaps those that don't pony up at least a little cash, but not so much that the game isn't enjoyable.

While I'm a fan of the game myself, I never felt the $US14.99 a month fee was worth it, considering it only takes a couple weeks to reach the game's level 30 cap (if that). Now that it's free I'd say donning tights and a cape sounds like a rather lovely idea. Why not give it a go?


    Is not to bad and I found it certianly better than CoH and Champions Online though still not enough to keep my interest for long. I can see DC comic fans having a blast with it.

    So what's the deal on ps3? Do I still need to go out and buy a disc to start playing, or will there be a free download from the PSN?

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