Get The Year’s Biggest Games On The Cheap From Steam

Get The Year’s Biggest Games On The Cheap From Steam

Whether they were good (Portal 2), bad (Duke Nukem Forever) or under your radar (Orcs Must Die!), you can get some of the biggest games of this year and other recent releases for up to 75 per cent off on Valve’s digital distribution portal. Starts today, ends on Sunday, Get clicking, folks:


    • Last thing I need right now is more games. I’m already unable to play any because I’m too busy swimming around in all the great games I’ve got like Scrooge MacDuck.

      Oh, Steam, why do you do this to me?

  • Just got myself Orcs Must die,
    Mass effect 1
    Mass effect 2
    … Im sure tomorrow I’ll get at least another eight things..
    I still have to finish So many other games though…. Le Sigh..

    • I was tempted to get the Mass Effect games for the PC – but then I found they have a second layer of DRM as well as Steam so thought otherwise.

      Don’t get me wrong, ME 1 and 2 play just fine on my 360 but I though it would be nice to play them on PC.

  • There is no rule saying that you have to install the games you purchase immediately… I quite often buy and forget, then remember it months later when im bored 🙂

  • This is the first Steam sale in a long while I’m actually going to resist. But Orcs Must Die is such a tempting prospect….. No! I already have enough other things to do in life/video games/work, etc! Must! Not! GYAAAAAHHHH

    • but but they MUST die

      It’s not called Orc may die or Orcs can, if perhaps you have the time, die. It even has an explanation mark so you get the point. Don’t mess wirh !


  • bought orcs must die and dlc… too cheap to pass up…

    guys don’t get caught on non-daily specials… remember that each day there will be a new set of specials until the end… so something that is only 50% today (non in a daily deal) could be 75% tomorrow or the next day etc

    i tell everyone wait until you’ve seen all the daily deals and then buy anything else you’re after on the final day as you could do yourself out of a few $$$

    • I nearly bought it 3 days ago for 30 bucks, but i thought to myself no. dont be stupid, you have skyrim to play first and it will be on sale sometime. I feel like a genius!!

  • Is it me or are a lot of things that weren’t priced too badly jacked up before being put on sale? I’ve just gone through all 66 pages and can’t find anything I want enough in relation to cost except probably Orcs must die.
    FO3 goty $50? DA:origins ultimate $50? Civ V $70(I swear this 45 or so last time i checked). Maybe I just spend way too much time on ozgameshop these days.

    • Yeah pretty much anything recentish by THQ or 2k games will be twice the price compared to the US version. So 50% off those is basically just standard price

    • *The mail arrives*

      Dear Marathon,

      I am sorry but I cannot stand this treatment any more. You have been good to me over the years but recent days have been tolerable.


      ~ Wallet.


      Dear Marathon,

      Usually, I would be glad to help. But with the uncertainty of the NBN and the unjust nature of the Internet Filter, I have to put my foot down as these conditions are unfair and something must be done.

      Thus, I have joined the Telecommunications Technologies Union. We are fighting for better conditions and new infrastructure to support the tasks asked of us. For one, we cannot continue to offer huge downloads and HD video streaming if we are forever hinged to copper networks.

      Once our demands are met, I will gladly help you get your games.


      ~ The Internet.

  • Woot. Picked up “Portal 2” and “AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome.” I’d been holding out on Portal 2, I was so tempted when it was reduced to $30 but then thought “no, it will go on special eventually!” and it now it has. So, woot. 😀

  • I laughed when I saw call of duty black ops going for 50% off. I’m not sure it is even worth that much after more than a year after release. It’d still be 89.99 without special lol.

  • I might just buy some of these, even though my severely underpowered computer would just look at some of the needs of the games and cry.

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