50% Of Portal 2 Players On Steam Haven’t Finished The Game

50% Of Portal 2 Players On Steam Haven’t Finished The Game

So much for Portal 2 being too short. Fans of Portal 2 may be surprised to learn that a lot of people who own the game aren’t playing it very much.

Little more than half the players who bought the game on Steam have finished it and more than one in ten of them haven’t even gotten to that very first puzzle in the solo campaign, according to the service’s achievement-tracking stats. Only 55.7 per cent of players had earned the final achievement of the solo game. Only 89 per cent had even earned the first achievement, which can be acquired with virtually no effort after the game starts.

Those numbers drop even further when you look at the co-op achievements; 51.1 per cent of Portal 2 owners unlocked that initial co-op achievement, and only 21.7 per cent teamed-up long enough to finish all of the co-op puzzles.


It took our reviewer a little more than nine hours to beat the solo campaign and a half-dozen more for co-op. For most people, that’s not a single-sitting serving, so a general dip in the achievement completion rate is to be expected. People have school, work and social activities outside of gaming to get to. On the other hand, nine hours isn’t so long that gamers, especially fans of the original wouldn’t have enough time to dig into the game.

Looking back at the stats, the biggest drop-off in Portal 2 progress occurs after the game’s fourth achievement, which 79.6 per cent of gamers have attained. Only 73.6 per cent get the fifth one. There are eight mandatory achievements to earn after that, before the game is done.


By comparison… Portal 2 isn’t the only excellent game being underplayed by Steam users. Only 73.9 per cent of the people who own the first Portal on Steam have earned the first game’s achievement; 48.5 per cent finished it.

The Portal series’ numbers are wonderful compared to indie favourite World of Goo, which has been finished by a mere 18.6 per cent of the people who own it on Steam. 25.8 per cent have finished Trine. Then there’s the co-op campaign. I can understand that people may be hesitant to try it; there’s a certain type of experience fans equate with the game and interacting with others doesn’t really fall into that category. Still, for every player that has fully completed co-op, there are two players who don’t appear to have even tried it.

I don’t mean to sound standoffish or judgmental of the people who want to take their time. Its just always interesting (and surprising) to see the realities of how people ingest games versus the way they are spoken of by the media and in forums.


  • This is because PS3 players were able to synch their steam achievements for 1 day, and then it was unavailable. I finished it in 2 sittings, but obviously this doesn’t show.

    • Yup, you hit it on the mark. I played on my PS3, and never got the chance to sync my games yet.

      Also, your forgetting those people with game crashing bugs that bought the game, but can’t play it.

  • The game’s only been out a week. Is it unreasonable to think that 11% bought the game for the co-op only, and that ~50% of the others might not have tried co-op yet? And that everyone might be playing leisurely towards the endgame?

    Would be interested to see this article again in six months time.

    • I agree – I think it’s incredible that 50% have finished the game. I haven’t finished it yet.

      • I have a copy sat here I haven’t even thrown in the 360. And I won’t until I finish Portal 1!

  • With work deadlines, looking after the family, Easter weekend & school holidays, there was been more important things to do in the last week than *finish* Portal 2…

    I’m just glad I’ve had the time to play it for a few hours!

  • 9 hours to beat it for your reviewer? He was pretty slow… 4.5 for the SP and 3 for the coop for me and pretty much everyone I know.

    • 4.5 hours? I did it in like 20 minutes, and only 10 minutes for the co-op. And I didn’t even play with another person, I just did it by myself with a controller in each hand. I guess you’re just a bit slow though.

        • Well I just got a 360 controller and hooked it up to simultaneously output controls to my PS3, Xbox, PC all playing Portal 2, so I could finish the game on every platform at the same time. Even better I hooked up a fourth output onto a second PC and finished Portal 1 as well. All at the same time using the one controller.

          These days I don’t play less than 3 games simultaneously, otherwise it’s just a waste of my time.

  • The Portal 1 stats probably aren’t too surprising. A lot of people would have Orange box, and there’s conceivably a number of them who don’t like Portal (hard to actually imagine myself, but I suppose it’s plausible). These people would still count on the stats for owning it, and throw out those figures.

  • Took me about 5 hours.. i actually found it easier than the 1st.

    And sorry but just because 50% havent “finished it” is no excuse for a game being too short. There is/are numerous reason for people not playing the game, like those who buy a game but dont play it due to the 20 other games they have yet to finish, or because of family, etc.

    I had no issue with the length myself, i wouldve become bored with the game by then anyway.

  • lol @ Raislan.

    The single-player took me about 7 hours and I didn’t get stuck once. Not once. It’s a really good length.
    Unless you rushed through at a ridiculous pace I don’t see how 4.5 is a realistic deadline. I did mine in 7 and I thought that I may have rushed through too much – there are a bunch of secret rooms and such that take time to find.

    Enjoy the experience.

  • I completed the game while offline, it didn’t record any of my achievements…

    Logged back in online and they aren’t there. PITA.

  • Expectations were so high how could it possibly live up to them? This game wore out it’s welcome around the time Cave Johnson started slopping paint around. No amount of “good” writing or Potatoe Glados makes me want to continue playing around with Excursion Funnels.

  • A lot of Steam games have achievement stats like that, sadly. I’ve played a couple of games where not even 50% of users have even completed basic tutorial achievements.

  • I clocked it in 6 hours….but I dun see why people are complaining that it is too short.

    I feel nowadays it is the right length for a game. 6-8 Hours for SP + couple more for extra runthroughs for achievement whores + many more hours for multiplayer and mods and map packs

    perfect mix for casual and hardcore

  • I basically finished everything in about 4 sessions I think. That’s quite an achievement for me seeing as most of my games go unfinished. Says here I did both the SP and co-op campaigns in 13 hours and that amount of time was fine for me. Given the excellent writing and story, I’d forgive it for any shortness it had.

  • Or it could be due to a large number of people for whom the game crashes before they can play any part of it. This forum thread in particular:


    has 118 pages of over 1700 posts of people complaining about this.

    Valve has released two patches and come up with several proposed workarounds (including reformatting your hard drive), but has yet to fix the problems which are apparently a side-effect of Portal 2’s DRM scheme. By contrast, the crackers managed to crack it AND fix the bug within a day of release. Valve has been working on it for over a week.

  • i like many others ehre finished it in much less than 9 hours, in fact i did both single and co-op in that time frame.

    i really enjoyed portal 2.

    i have no issue with its length, i had fun the whole way through.
    my only issue is the difficulty.
    there were no puzzles where i was stumped.

    this was dissapointing to me.

    i personally did enjoy the goop sections, they were different and werent all that long.

    as for stats well i now have an unplayed copy of portal on PC after purchaing portal 2 which would according to steam look like i have not played it.
    even though i have finished it multiple time on the 360 orange box version.

    i am dissapointed about world of goo though, i really love that game.

  • Then there’s the group of people having the game breaking bug not even permitting us to get to the main menu before it crashes to desktop with no error message at all. Looong thread about it on the steam forums

  • About 10 hours for SP here, did it in 3 sessions after work and then a Sunday morning clean up for the last few puzzles.

    I have to admit I got stuck twice and once you figure out the solution it’s a massive facepalm of obviousness.

    As for the game length debate, I think it all depends on what kind of game. I am currently playing Oblivion and am 22 hours into it. I still feel massively underpowered and haven’t done a story Quest yet. If this were a shooter or Portal 3 I’d be pretty bored by now.

    Crysis 2’s SP campaign was too long because it was stupid and I got sick of it roughly 8 hours into it. I still finished it for completion sake.

    7-10 hours is a good aim for linear shooters and 25-30 for open world games such as the STALKER series, because you need time to feel the immersion. I spent 72 hours in Washington DC including all the DLC and then 59 hours in New Vegas, which I’ll play again in hardcore mode after all the DLC drops.

    Gaming is my absolute downtime, I don’t have kids and am single at the moment, too.. so after working and housekeeping I have the time to game. Probably wont be like this forever but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

  • The stats aren’t necessarily accurate, as, at the end of the Portal 2 arg, a large quantity of Portal 2 fans were given a free gift copy of Portal 2. That is, a duplicate copy, since they are most likely the people who would have preordered it in the first place. This may go a large way towards making up the 10% of people who haven’t started the single player game at all.

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