Is EA Still Blocking Access To Paid Games Over Forum Bans?

If you act like a dick on a forum, you deserve to be suspended or even banned from that forum. That's fine. But when that forum account is attached to an account which manages games you've paid for, and stops you playing them as well, there are problems.

And EA, right now, has some problems.

When the publisher's Origin service launched earlier in the year, there were some issues with people being locked out of games they'd paid for because they received a forum ban. EA said it was an error.

Yet months later, as Rock Paper Shotgun readers have pointed out, it's still happening. People are being banned from a forum for talking about things like tea-bagging, but in addition to that, are also being locked out of video game purchases which have nothing to do with their conduct in a forum.

Is it really an error if it's still happening all these months later? Or is "error" just a smokescreen for a systemic problem EA have found themselves in, where one account can't be banned without banning the other? Because, you know, EA has been saying since 2008 that a forum ban doesn't result in a game ban, and yet here we are in 2011 and people are still saying it's happening...

EA Forum Bans Are STILL Affecting Games [Rock Paper Shotgun]


    EA = Extortion Artists

      Someone is going to say it, eventually, so I might as well get it over with .. You can't spell chEAp without EA!

    why are you asking me if they are still blocking access? oh wait its just the title

    Dunno, seems like an awfully good incentive not be to a absolute dick on forums for once.

      Yeah. The gamer in me isn't happy, but the forum moderator in me quite likes the idea when there's an actual repercussion to their actions.

      However if you read the article, it's not just dicks being locked out, but people who were actually trying to be helpful (and thus beneficial to the community), by linking another website with a network setup guide, which EA forums treated as "advertising" and banned them.

    If you break the T&C then you need to be punished. obviously severity is somthing EA should work on but if they say ban from all games then so be it. people need to take responcability for there actions.

      Read the RPS article. It looks like they're banning people for very minor things, possibly not infractions at all and in addition to not having a consistent approach, they also have no appeal process. Being an idiot on a forum somewhere (if they're okay with taking away everything from people due to what they say on their own forums, it's not a stretch for them to start doing the same if, say, you post a comment on Kotaku they don't like) should not cut off access to all the games you've paid for forever.

        Hell, the US Kotaku de-star people who say something the article authors might not agree with.

          Wouldn't that be everyone?

    +1 Lock the wankers out of their games, EA have my support on this one.

      I was on a Toyota forum and said that their newer cars had some lax QC standards compared to the old ones, so they came and stole my Celica.

      Which I wholeheartedly support.

    I hate poor behaviour in the forums as much as the next guy, but I can't see how anyone can defend this. It would be like the Government cancelling drivers licenses for not paying centerlink debts*.

    *This happened by the way. It was struck down by the courts though I think.

      If you don't pay fines to the state debt recovery office, they will suspend your registration on your car and other things to force you to pay.
      and its law.

      If your on centerlink, your probably a bogan and drive a shitbox car that isnt safe, so you should have your license cancelled.

        If you post generalized statements without thinking about what you're saying you probably need to stop posting.

    Is the ban permanent?

    Working as intended.

    Its not right.... but it would stop the trolls, thats for sure. I don't know how I feel about it to be honest lol

    It's EA. Is anyone surprised? They're not exactly renowned for great customer service or trying to promote a positive image for themselves.

    I don't see what is wrong with this action by EA. If you act inappropriately on their forums to the level of being banned, you get banned from their service which covers forums as well as online.

    +1 to EA from me as well.

    Seeing people actually advocate this makes my faith in humanity decrease just that little bit more. Only in the gaming industry will you find customers willingly allowed themselves to be bent over a barrel and let companies like EA have their way with them.

      Oh people are only advocating this because it's EA and they just released BF3. If it had been Activision this article would have a 100+ comments by now damning the publisher for being tyrannical bastards.

    Well, this is all well and good, but I'll just go log into Steam and play some games. If you'll excuse me...

    I'm glad someone got EA's opinion on this. Their statement was riveting and insightful. Once again I commend the quality journalism undertaken here to get the entire story.

    Whilst this does promote better interaction between people on the forums - the fact EA is also banning members who were simply trying to help others by linking other sites with steps to fix their issue is problematic.

    But then, what can you expect from EA?

    Just got the 72 hour ban hammer for calling out a origin moderator for his OCD problem with the caps lock key. 72 hours I cannot play need for speed the run , bfbc2 , bf3 for stating that locking threads over using the caps lock key is silly.

    Geeze. What is the gaming world coming to ?

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