Is This The First Copy Of Modern Warfare 3 Ever Sold?

Modern Warfare 3 -A reader writes in to tell us that the Kmart in Tampa, Florida sold him a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for the PS3 early. Is it real? Only Ryfael knows. If it is, Ryfael, let us know how the game is. :D


    Time for everyone to break street date, again lol

    Despite this happening in the United States, I still think Breaking Street Date is slowly becoming an Australian Tradition

    As fake as the son I claim on my tax returns!

      This made me spit out my morning coffee. +1 Internets to you good sir.

      I had hot soup halfway to my mouth. You nearly got me real good :P

    Joke's on him- if he's the only one with a copy, who is he going to play multiplayer with?

      Bots...oh and Infinity Ward employees. Who will then come over to his house to play split screen. And by that I mean arrest him assuming it is a stolen copy.

      Don't forget the 20 minute single-player campaign!

        i think you mean 5 minutes. 20 minutes is far too generous an exaggeration.

          5 mins of game play, 15 mins of cut scenes. Sounds about right to me.


            you have no idea what you're talking about, please for the love of god stop stealing oxygen.

    Couple of friends received theirs off eBay yesterday surprisingly there were people playing multi player but meh it's the same thing over and over, gears and bf3 are my mp games this year :)

      ... which area as much "the same thing over and over" as MW3.

      Don't get me wrong, I like all of those games, and the IW COD games... but that argument is as old and tired as yo mama (and all associated jokes).

        Crap, that should be "are" not "area"

          just seems the mp stays the same with different maps, then you got the whole 1600 Msp lvl 15 prestige or them nerdy little a-holes quick scoping and such. I really enjoyed CoD4 until activision done an update and really screwed over Australians

            you know its stupid to be playing it earlier than release date? infinity ward already put out a warning where 3 things will happen.
            1. youre banned from online play
            2. youre fined 5,000 US dollars
            3. they black list you with other gaming companies and let them know you got on early.

              no that is only for pirated copys of the game, if you have a legit copy you are safe, i got every cod 6 days early snice cod 4 and never been banned they all legit copies

      Eh.... Bf3 and bad company 2 are more or less the same game, I don't see what's so different about them.

        Just seems to me that bf games have a bit more variety in the gameplay, I'm more into the open space shooters.. Way too many corridor shooters these days but that's cool each to their own :)

        Umm I'm guessing you're yet to delve into BF3 multiplayer, because they games have absolutely no similarity.

        Just in case you're retarded, I'll point out the exception for the name Battlefield and the fact that you can use tanks and helicopters (even though they differ between the games).

      Most sequels will be more evolution than revolution. Its the nature of sequels.

    na, this can't be real. there's no semen stains on it XD

      Looks like it's still in plastic, so it probably wiped off easy :P

    ugly boxart!

    4 days away from midnight launch goodness, can't wait. I can't see this breaking street date then again its been twice now that Target have done, three times a charm.

    Oh, that's the cover art?

    Preorder cancelled.

      im actually looking forward to it. Just to finish the story. And also the mp looks to me like a stepping towards the original modern warfare. But that's just me.

        I'm joking. My wife and I are so hot for MW3 that we call out Captain Price's name in the bedroom.

        60% dying to see how the story arc ends, 40% desperate for new multiplayer since we lost interest in Halo Reach. MW2 kept us busy for over a year, so nothing is going to keep me from picking this game up.

        *fingers crossed for street date break before the weekend*

          I'd love to have this for the weekend, but my bets are firmly on between 12-2 on Monday arvo. i suspect by 12 ,but by 2 definitely

          you and your wife play video games together?

          You sir, married the right woman :)

    60 bucks? If only :(

      Thats is U.S dollars. And remember, australians get screwed over big time when it comes to game/electronics prices.

    On a much more interesting note, Skyrim is only 8 days away!!!!

    Seriously though, if this isn't being sold by midday on Monday i will be shocked.

    Even if it IS real... this person will be playing multiplayer ALONE =]

    Something's fishy with the price tag....why's there a "colossus" below the MW3 description hmm ? I call photoshoped :P

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