Yes, Modern Warfare 3 Is Coming To Steam

Yes, Modern Warfare 3 Is Coming To Steam

Valve today confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will indeed be using Steamworks and sold on Steam.

Taken in light of the franchise’s history of being sold on Steam, this isn’t exactly surprising news, but with Battlefield 3 giving the service a pass, it’s probably worth noting.

The game’s availability on the service means that if you want you can pre-purchase the game and start downloading it now, in preparation of the game’s November 8 launch.

Activision also reiterated that the PC version of their game will support dedicated servers on day one.


  • It’s been available for pre-purchase on steam for a few weeks now. For $99. Yeah, I wouldn’t. If it’s using steamworks then we might be able to buy it for a reasonable amount elsewhere and activate it on steam.

    Don’t know why Brian is saying we can preload it now though. Seriously doubt it’s ready for that.

  • McGarnical is correct preload isn’t available yet, i’d expect its probably not due until at least a week before release. Given the size of the expected sales it may be earlier though

  • Hopefully this’ll pressure EA into bringing out BF3 on Steam, as I will never ever install Origin on my computer. I don’t like phishing software.

  • It’s not Activision that dictate the stupid pricing. It’s the retailers.

    Still, getting sick of the shitty prices we get when other countries seem to manage with cheaper digital downloads.

  • Steam AND “will support dedicated servers on day one.” ?!

    You can so tell Activision is desperate coz every PC gamer is going to get BF3 over MW3 (or both at the very least) while MOST console gamers will also get BF3 as well, leaving only those overweigh/immature/trolling 360 console-humping, MW2 couch-ridden fanboys for MW3 (which means Activision’s fcked).

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