It's Tactical, It's From Perth, And It's Out Today

Back in October we met Paul Turbett, the founder and man of many hats at the Perth-based indie studio, Black Lab Games. At the time, the studio was finishing off development on the iPad version of their tactical game, Star Hammer Tactics. Today, it's ready and it's free.

The sci-fi themed tactical battle game was originally developed for Xbox Live and PSP as a 2D game, but Turbett is now bringing it to iPad in 3D with HD graphics and an interface that maximises the use of the touch-screen technology.

In October, Turbett told Kotaku AU: "I always wanted to make a strategy game that could be played in short bursts, so battles are usually fairly quick, like five to ten minutes. As a result the game is really kind of 'stripped back' to just the basics of tactical battles. It’s not complex, so it’s quick to learn and get into, and suits portable platforms really well."

Star Hammer Tactics is free to download in the Apple App Store and players will have access to the first four missions. The remaining 11 campaign missions and expanded skirmish mode options can be unlocked via a single in-app purchase of US$2.99.


    What happens when you mix the classic gameplay of Battleships with a traditional Tower Defence game? You get Star Hammer Tactics.

    [Nerd] For me, this looks like the developers were inspired by that scene out of the FireFly movie, Serenity, where the Imperials clash against the Reavers in all out space war of epic proportions. [/Nerd]

    Great to see fantastic indie games like this coming out of Australia. Excellent work by the whole team at Black Lab.

    Thanks Chris, the support is much appreciated!

    I'm going to hope the game comes to th high def HTC phones, although I probably shouldn't hold out much hope.
    Anyway, kudos to the Aussie developer, it looks like a great game.

    A game from Perth? Great work Paul and team.

      Perth actually has a pretty good Indie scene. Of course whenever the Australian Indie scene is mentioned, it's all focused on the eastern states, like just like about everything else.

      lol the exact same thought went through my mind when i read the title, i mean Perth has nothing ( i know since i live there) :P

      nontheless great work, and would check it out if my ipod touch battery wouldnt cark it every so often :\

        I'm from Perth as well but never heard of anything like this from WA developers.

          I'm currently doing a course in Game Development, trust me it's here and it's only growing stronger.

          There's a pretty big indie game developer community in Perth. You should come down to our end-of-year party this Sunday (27 November) if you want to check out the scene. :) Details at:

    another apple ipod/iphone/ipad game, woo *rolls eyes*

    Not there yet?

      My bad - For iPad only so iPhone cannot find.

    Wanna see this on WP7. I need something to keep me busy when I'm pretending to work.

    This is fantastic. Nothing but good things can come out of this.

    All best for Paul and the team!

    Ps. I never even knew there was a studio here in perth...?

    Awesome! Good to see some Perth talent - will definitely check it out.

    Cheers to Paul, his many hats and his team

    I'll buy this simply because it's made in Perth. Brilliant!

    Thanks for all of the support guys!! And what Nick said, if you are in Perth and interested in game dev, come to the Xmas party on the weekend.

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