Jonah Hill Stars In This Live Action Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Ad

The official live action trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 isn't supposed to hit until Sunday. But it's started popping up on website ads late Friday night so we grabbed a copy.

In it we see Jonah Hill of Superbad fame kicking arse as a video game soldier in the upcoming Activision shooter. Apparently there is still a solider in all of us.

[Thanks Bobby K]


    isnt that the aussie lead actor from Avatar too?

      Sam Worthington. ALso from Clash of the titans.

      it is indeed Sam Worthington

    Not that I care but apparently some Big-Ws have been selling MW3 if you ask for it.

    Wow that ad was terrible.

    ...that was barely a trailer. It was the most teeny cuts of action. I reckon BF3 have won the trailer battle between the franchises.

    (I am still gonna buy both BF3 & MW3 when I am not broke as a broke thing on a broke day. Being a student with no job, over the age of 25 is balls.)

      It's a pretty safe bet this is cut from a much longer trailer on par with the one they did for Black Ops last year.

    Dude lost a TONNE of weight.

      That's about all I took from the trailer... oh, and the guy from Black Ops is in it too.

    Wait, the tip says "Thanks Bobby K!"

    Not THE Bobby Kotick?
    Oh god, no... He has tainted our precious Kotaku.

    The full length version is actually really cool. The vet and the noob. Goes for about 1 min 30.


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