Leaked Picture Of GTA V's Los Santos Map?

Tweeting from an account called "GTA V Leak", an alleged Rockstar employee has posted what he says is an image of Los Santos from GTA V. It's posted above.

The account is anonymous, going merely by @toronotoJack233. The first image was posted with the headline "deleting this in 10 minutes", followed by two more tweets: "Good job i resign in 2 weeks ;) nice to do something good before i go" followed by "I wonder what my boss would do if he found out? #gtaV".

We're sceptical, as obviously this could be complete bullshit. But this could also be the first picture of GTA V's southern California map. We've reached out to Rockstar about its veracity and will update if we get a comment from them.


    He is most likely from R* Toronto

      His name is most likely Jack and he is most likely 233 years old.

    wow. fake or no, just looking at it makes me impatient about GTAV

    If this is true, I wonder if they're planning on the rest of San Andreas's map as DLC?

      While the GTA4 DLC was substantial, it reused the maps of the main game. I find it hard to believe that they would go to the effort of designing complete new cities for DLC that many people will never buy (or if they do, that those cities would be any good).

      If GTA5 only covers one city (plus the surrounding area), I would expect any DLC to stick to that area.

    The "hype' train is leaving the station, all passengers must board immediately....!

    It will make me a sad panda if they dont implement San Fierro and Las Venturas.

    This will no doubt be a day one purchase for me, but that probably comes as no surprise to anyone.

    "Good job I'm resigning in 2 weeks"

    Great job indeed. It will make tracking down whoever leaked it extremely easy to find and fuck up their life, if this pic is indeed real.

    I doubt its the real map, all the other GTA's never had a 'sattelite' photo style map.

      Also most rockstar employees know how to use print screen.


    The official trailer video - also fake.

    The official annoucement of GTAV - also fake.

    It's all fake!

    As a long time member of GTA forums... It's hard to believe anything after years of this shit :P
    But anyways, atleast kotaku gets some money on advertising, still obvious fake.

    Twitter Account has been deleted.

    Could be real because in the final scenes of the trailer, a plane flew over the vinewood sign and the camera keeps showing the same plane continuing to fly west as the sun appears to be setting to close out the video (sunrise at the opening). I was always suspicious and this may explain why Vinewood was on the east side of Los Santos in this game instead of being west of LS in the other. I'm not saying it's real but I was thinking.

    rockstar are well known to use subversive advertising. FFS its rockstar subversive kings.

      also this means vice city will be here in 4+ years!

    example of picture

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