Marvel Introducing Free Download Codes For Ultimate Comics

Marvel Introducing Free Download Codes For Ultimate Comics

DC Comics has been garnering lots of media buzz, heightened awareness and increased sales on the heels of its recent New 52 reboot. Along with new re-imaginings of Superman and Wonder Woman, the publisher began making digital copies of its entire line available on the same day as the print versions. Moreover, every issue of the re-launched Justice League lets buys get that digital copy for free, via a code you can use in the company’s Comixology storefront.

The strategy basically amounts to ‘buy it on paper, get it on your iPad’, and now DC’s crosstown rivals at Marvel have announced that they’ll be initiating a similar strategy for their Ultimate Comics line. You’ve been able to buy digital copies of many Marvel books on the same day of release of the print versions for a while now, but you’ve had to decide between one version or another. This new Ultimate development lets consumers have both in one shot. An interview by David Brothers at Comics Alliance gets into the specifics and notes one important difference between DC and Marvel’s pricing. DC’s digital titles drop down in price after a month but Marvel’s rep says they have no plans for that present. As disparaging as some gamers may be to titles released for mobile and tablets, content deals like this make devices like the iPad, Kindle Fire or Nook colour more attractive than a 3DS or PSP. Head on over to Comics Alliance for the full interview.

Marvel Comics to Add Download Codes to Ultimate Line for Free Digital Copies [Exclusive] [Comics Alliance]


  • Im one of the people I guess they targeted with The New 52. Id always been interested in comics, but Id only gotten the odd one in Showbags and the like – I had never really been interested in buying them myself. Wih the advent of The New 52, I essentially get to start from the beginning, and so I’ve bought a few of them, and will continue to do so. I’d recommend everyone check out All Star Western, an old comic given a facelift and launched at a great time to get into western fever. Its well drawn and the story is pretty gripping.

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