Michael Bay's New Trailer For Need For Speed: The Run Is... Awesome, Actually

This new trailer for Need for Speed: The Run was directed by none other than Mr Bad Boys himself, Michael Bay. It's got cars, and racing and quick-quick-quick cuts!

It does not, unfortunately, do that thing where a guy stands there while the camera spins around him. What the hell, Bay? EA paid you a tonne of money, and you can't even bring your A-game?

But OK, yeah. This is a pretty damned exciting trailer, as video game trailers go. Who knew? The only thing standing between Michael Bay and "something watchable" was the complete removal of any actual human beings.



    man they are going to fool a tonne of people into thinking there are cool "Out of car" bits since they didn't show all those heavy rain quick time events.

    not worth the cost of michael bay guys, should have spent that money on the gameplay, lol

    None of the links seem to be working for mobile lately, can that be looked into?

    Hmmm.... interested in getting this game, but I'll wait for the reviews first.

    Police helicopter casually shooting at some hoon. I better watch my self the next time I creep over the limit.


    When do you reckon the 'Michael-Bay-Produced' movie version of this game will come out?

    Lawl did anyone else hear the transformer noise?

    Just like the last 2 Transformers Movies, One Car Wreck after the other.

    WHat a piece of shit. He needs to find a new career.

    I believed you when you said "watchable". I belieeved you!

    Now my eyes and brain hurt. I just saw 4,597 scenes, each running for approx 0.79 seconds, in only 139 seconds.

      You have only yourself to blame.

      It DID have "Michael Bay" in the title, irrespective of any other details.

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