Nintendo Comes Out On Top

Three years ago Ohio-based technology company Motivia filed a patent lawsuit against Nintendo, alleging the Wii infringed on its 'Human Movement Measurement System' patent. Today an International Trade Commission judge ruled that wasn't the case. Grats, big N.


    Good. Now Nintendo, its your turn to sue Sony over the Move lol

    Sony had the move out first... GL to Nintendo in do that...

    edit** they had the technology out first.

      ? ahh no they didnt ?

      It was just a joke anyway guys! Hence the lol:)

    No they called it a gimmick that nobody would buy and then released their version when they were getting their asses kicked in sales, even made their controls look the same as Nintendos but with shiny glowing balls. Even if Sony had the tech they didn't have the brains or balls to use it.

    Not that it matters who had what first, what matters is what games they have that uses it. -_- Console wars are crap.

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