Phoenix Wright Movie Gets New Poster and Trailer

While many films based on games tend to leave their audiences lukewarm (the 1994 Street Fighter movie being a clear exception), the upcoming Phoenix Wright flick is looking very quirky, very Japanese, and very awesome.

While I don't speak or understand a word of Japanese, the latest trailer for the Phoenix Wright movie piqued my interest: the action! The courtroom drama! That incredible hairline! Head over to the official website for the film and two trailers are available for viewing in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

As someone who typically does not get excited about anything aside from puppies and broccoli (not necessarily in that order), watching these trailers made me think of the words of the late Big Kev: "I'm excited!"


    My sister once swore off broccoli for five or so years after she found a worm in a piece she was about to eat.
    I didn't think it was so bad. Gave it a bit of a meaty flavour.

      Thanks for sharing this, Bish.

    I have an issue with this movie. Wright is standing on the wrong side of the court room.

      He's actually standing on the correct side, just that the perspective is different. In the game during the court scenes the camera is actually from the judge's perspective, whearas in the live action it's from the witness stand.

        Wright does not stand alongside the Judge; he stands opposite to him.

    I have another issue. Dick Gumshoe is scrawny in this movie.

    The game portrays him as a physically imposing man, and in the film he's a stick with the wrong-coloured hair and a stupid hairstyle.

    No dice for him, pal.

    Looks pretty cool, and I think it said directed by the guy who did Crows 0, awesome.

    I've been skeptical about a lot of things. But after seeing that mega awesome Layton movie, I think this might be awesome too.

    Why is Edgeworth's hair grey?

      It's grey in the game too

      His hair is bothering me because of the way it's sitting...And it looks like they spray painted the hair

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