The First Footage Of The Phoenix Wright Movie

Yesterday Bash gave us the first still shot from Japan's upcoming Phoenix Wright flick. Today, thanks to the sharp eyes of Kotaku tipster KingKellogg the Waffle Haggler, we see the first live action. There's a lot of Japanese in this, and that goes for the cross-talk as well as the dialogue. One word, however, seems very familiar.


    *points* OBJECTION

    Von Karma isn't sinister enough, otherwise I'm looking forward to this even though I expect it to be rather crummy

    I believe it's being directed by Takashi Miike too, who has made such brilliantly messed up movies as "Audition" and "Ichi the Killer". Can't waaaait.

    i just finished the first game again, and i undesrtood everything in that trailer!

    i lol'ed at Lotta Heart though, asian lady with orange afro ftw!

    looks so gay

    Impressively, it doesn't seem bad at all and I'm looking forward to seeing this movie. But the one thing I dislike from this video is PHOENIX WRIGHT'S HAIR ISN'T SPIKY ENOUGH!!!!!!!

      Yeah but dig that awesome widow's peak!

    They're all standing on the wrong side of the court... :P

    Cheesy as hell, definitely looking forward to watching it!

    Von Karma looks a little heavy set... and not terribly American (which is his nationality in the Japanese versions). The rest of the characters are all pretty much spot-on, though (with, as others have mentioned, the exception of Phoenix's spiky hair).

    Holy shit, I don't know the first thing about these games, but the bit where he threw the holograph through the dude's face... and he physically reacted?? Oh my god, I HAVE to see this movie.

    Why's everyone yelling?!

      Birth condition it happens to be contagious

    This film would have benefited greatly from an international cast, and it shows - Manfred, Lotta Hart and Butz all look like they walked out of TGS.

      Maybe that's because with the exception of Manfred, all those characters are Japanese in the Japanese version of the game?

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