Picking Boobs Is Harder Than You Think


    Uh oh, this article isn't pandering to me specifically. I better write up an article that labels and insults everybody so they treat me better!

      No, but seriously. This is bad even by Bashcraft's standards, and failing to clear that hurdle is mightily hard.

    I'm sorry, the point of this article is?

    NO! You're making the trangender multi-racial polysexual relationship-flexible maybe-feminists feel unwelcome!!



        Yay, found it... only english word in title is CHOICE so.. yeah.

        bugger... it actually isn't easy, the pictures dont match up or anything, you ave to guess.

    If I remember correctly there was a flash game like this on the web somewhere once. Look at the woman and guess the cup size.

    These "games" only win if you notice them. Just don't look, just don't look.

    Both a disgusting and a short article. Maybe Bashcraft is trying to tell us something?

    If you don't like Ashcraft, then don't read the articles. Faggots.

    Sometimes it is nice to have different things, even if they are obscure.

      "Sometimes it is nice to have different things"

      Like good articles?

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