Roll 3D6 To Occupy Philadelphia

What do you mean we're not taking the occupy protests seriously enough? Some folks have even interrupted their weekly Dungeons & Dragons sessions to show their support. And some haven't.

Reddit user TVsNoah and friends made the trip to the Philadelphia Occupy protest event, where they showed their love of all things percentage-based by breaking out the Dungeon Master's screen and some dice. Are they the 99 per cent? If their D100 ever stops rolling they'll let you know.

Man, they sure do look occupied.

Occupy Philadelphia Gaming [Reddit]


    "Hey guys - i got a great idea that will make people take us seriously! Let's all sit around and play DnD!!"

    Nothing against DnD... it's great... but the stigma certainly won't help anyone join their (stupid) cause!

    ffs, another OWS reference?
    F*ck this site.

    Seems relevant to gaming.

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