Skyrim? There's An App For That (No, Really)

Dragon Shout is an iPhone app that wants to be your digital journal for Skyrim. And from the sounds of it, may actually pull it off.

Billed as an "interactive map", it's essentially a giant, zoomable map of the game's province that lets you drop markers and notes on things like dropped loot, areas for alchemy recipes, etc.

Later editions will introduce more social features, like the ability to share map markers, chat, and upload pictures.

Most of which sounds like fluff, but if you're playing alongside friends and say, "Hey, here's where I found some badass boots", then that's kinda cool. Especially since it's free.

The first version of Dragon Shout will be later this week on both iPhone and iPad.

Dragon Shout: A Hip, Upcoming 'Skyrim' Map App [Touch Arcade]


    No Android version? =(

      They clearly need to develop it for the majority of users out there, being Android. /sigh. Sure hope one comes.

        Actually, iOS has a bigger user base than Android (you have to include iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads).

        Just sayin...

          accually, I Work in the Telco industry and I can easily say that Android OS holds 53% of the market share, while apple only hold 15%.

          But hey, and least it's not Windows Mobile's 1.7%

            In mobile, yes, Android has greater share.

            But you can't compare an OS to a device (I said iOS, not iPhone).

            iOS (which, like I said, includes iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) has greater share than Android.

    Why can't Bethesda just let us add our own map notes already? Didn't Morrowind have that?

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