Skyrim's Strategy Guide Is This Thick

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a collector's edition. And that collector's edition has a strategy guide. One Kotaku reader snapped some photos of it to show just how big it is.

The strategy guide comes with a "Free Access to the Interactive World Map" code, some shrinkwrap, and what looks to be a fancy cover and nice binding.

Remember, it's not the size of the strategy guide, but how you use it.


    I got this for 10 dollars with my pre-order. Even if I didn't use it, it's a great collectors item.

    Thats FAT not going to be much use though with radiant stories :D

    I think I want one... which chapter is the one that covers all the infinite AI-generated sidequests?

      Book might not be able to tell you exactly where to find the quests, but I think it should be to describe what you need to do to complete them. After all, it's not like the variety of quests will be infinite, just their number :)

    "Hardcore" gamer -
    buys strategy guide

    Already bought it, expecting it a few days after Skyrim releases so my first playthrough can go mostly untarnished. This will be BEAUTIFUL to have on my shelf.

    If any game should not have a strategy guide it's this one. This is a game that actively encourages you to explore the world blindly, the thrill of achievement comes from discovering something you didn't know existed before and you create your own fun by interecting with the world not knowing how it will react back. Having a strategy guide (let alone one this huge) is going to suck all the fun out of Skyrim.

    ordered mine the other day from Barnes and Noble, not that it really matters to use the guide, its just a collectors item and a softcover would not surfice. Also pre-orders are drying up fast, so who knows how rare this little baby could get :D

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