Telltale Unveils Jurassic Park: The Game's Dino-Riffic Deluxe Edition

After opening up the website for their upcoming Jurassic Park: The Game, Telltale Games has also detailed the contents of the game'd deluxe edition shown above. It will include:

  • Welcome letter from John Hammond, creator of the theme park
  • All four episodes of Jurassic Park: The Game on a single disc
  • Replica Jurassic Park Staff ID Card
  • Replica Jurassic Park staff uniform patch
  • Replica movie brochure/map updated with Jurassic Park: The Game content
  • 32 Page "InGen Field Guide" from the notes of park geneticist Dr. Sorkin
  • Digital download code for the official Jurassic Park: The Game soundtrack and exclusive videos

Things that would have been sweet, had they been included:

  • A scale replica of Samuel L. Jackson's severed arm
  • A T-shirt that says "Clever Girl"
  • Failing that, a T-Shirt that says "Hold On To Your Butts"
  • An actual dilophosaurus embryo frozen in amber
  • One of those sweet-ass jeeps
  • A collectible miniature pile of Triceratops poop
  • A photo of John Williams riding a Velociraptor

But still, the stuff that's actually included in the deluxe edition is cool, too.


    I was sort of let down by the Back to the Future game. I think Jurassic Park deserves a AAA, Uncharted-style adaption more than an adventure game. (Even though I LOVE adventure games, don't get me wrong.)

      I agree that a AAA Jurassic Park game would be amazing, though it would probably be quite hard to pull off without going the FPS route (which completely misses the point of the JP series, imo). I'm far from a game designer though, so i'll take what I can get! xD

      Anyway, this deluxe edition looks pretty spiffy. I've been a complete sucker for JP stuff since I was a kid so I wouldn't be surprised if this makes its way into my hands (if it even comes out here).

        My sister used to LOVE Trespasser(s?) back in the day, but I deifnitely think third persons the way to go for something like this -- like the old school SNES/Sega games come to think of it... except 3D. ;)

          I haven't played Tresspasser, but googling it quickly sounds a lot like what I had in mind, a game that focuses on survival/escape. I can't think of another game to compare it too though.. :P

          It's in a completely different genre, but my favourite JP game is Operation Genesis, the park-building sim. It had a bit of everything (I liked the photography sections a lot, though it sounds boring explaining it now lol)

        I'm seeing two possible routes for a Triple A JP game.
        1st option is the first movie as a sort of resident evil survival horror with a few action sequences e.g. vehicle chase sequences. I think basing it on the book would provide more opportunities since the books makes the raptors more intelligent and has a section in which the people actually think they are able to retake the park and start going out and rounding up the dinos before discovering they are still only on backup power.

        I don't think the second book would be any good but an adaptation of the movie told from the perspective of one of the hunters InGen lands on the island could be cool. That way you spend the first half of the game establishing your force’s presence on the island and hunting and capturing dinosaurs. Then the second half you spend running for your life culminating in the capture of the T-Rex and then trying to recapture it in the streets of San Diego.

        The game of the third film should be travelling the world to find and destroy every copy of that awful piece of crap movie.

          I don't think it neccessarily has to tie back to the original stories, though a more loyal Batman Begins-like darker take on the book could be interesting too. I think one of the major problems with the third movie was Grant and Ellie being there just for fan service really, instead of establishing itself as a original thing. If it followed the original Spielberg movie, though, I would love to see the part where Grant has to protect the kids. Keeping them safe. Gripping their hands as they run in the stampede. Finding food/shelter and the like. Good times.

          I actually found the 2nd the worst of the three. Barely followed the plot of the book at all. There was no third book, but the third movie to its credit put some scenes from the second book in it.

      Stuff Jurassic Park, where's my Dino Riders? Dudes riding a giant t-rex that fires freakin' lazers!

    how bout the obvious - a copy of the first movie? digital or dvd? - that would be sweet too

      Indeed I'd be halfway tempted if it had first movie on bluray.

        Thing of it is, though, that the entire trilogy is being released on Blu-Ray very soon.

    lol Dr. Foreskin

    Anyone else remember the sweet Mega CD Jurassic park game? Sure it was all pointy and clicky, but it had tons of atmosphere. Maybe if someone took the original Dino Crisis and toned down the action a bit, upped the tension levels and put some solid puzzling in there that would make a good JP game?

    Spielberg is actually making Jurassic Park IV (if you didnt know already:)

    Jeez, I wish it didn't say "The Game" in the Title - sort of cheapens it really. Hate when they do that. Like saying, "Cricket: The Sport."

    Don't care if game is crap, I loooove Jurassic Park!!

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