The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim On Sale Now... In The Netherlands

This is becoming the year when every single major game goes on sale before it is supposed to. I'm sure it's breaking your heart too. The latest game to hit shelves early? The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Dutch gaming site InsideGamer reports that "loads of gaming shops" are selling the game already. Maybe if we're lucky in the US Kmart, Target or Wal-Mart will make the same "mistake".

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    Does this mean Tracy is going to throw up now :)

    She never states what country the street date was going to break :p

    I hope Australia follows suit. We do have a lot of sheep here after all..

    please break here.....ASAP!! Can't. wait. any. longer.

      But the new Eragon book comes out today, where am I going to find the time to read it if Skyrim sells early?

        *snort*, *guffaw*

    Dam it! My heart skipped a beat as I started reading that title.
    I'm getting so anxious now

    Ok i can probably polish off the new book in 24 hours so as long as it breaks street date in 1 day im happy.

    Well, if the stock is there, sell it! Thats how shops work after all...

    On one hand, I really am dying to play it. If I wait any longer I may explode with hype. But then again, the release date is really epic, sooo...

    I just an't wait any longer for this's going to be so good!

    This just gives me another reason to hate the Dutch.

      I hate two kinds of people in this world; People who are intolerant of peoples and cultures different than their own and the Dutch.

    I'm hoping it doesnt break street date. Buying the PC version and I think its steamworks, so can't play it anyway?

      You can't play, therefore no one else should be allowed to play. Nice.

    It's unfair that every other country has cheaper games. When I saw the 54.99 I almost wept :'( Damn you Australia and your stupid distribution fees, retail challenges and transportation costs *raises and shakes fist angrily*

    So the Dutch get a game a few days early. The US, Japan, Europe, probably even Russia, manages to get games released on time where Australia manages to continually have even entire series of games failing to get any license in our Pal territory. But that is another story altogether...

    Just got my ps3 copy of skyrim :)

    here is some more hype:

    Enjoy :D

    People! This proud Dutchie has just bought Skyrim, legally in a gameshop! There is one problem though: Steam wont let me install it untill the releasedate of 11-11-11... Not so lucky after all I guess...

    I would like to say, it is completely okay by me. Especially since it's single player, it's not like you're competitively losing anything. Hopefully it's just a headstart for those modders to start thinking about what they want to put into the game once the modtools come out :D

    Uhm, as someone from that country... it's basically the rule here that a game will go on sale early. Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3... now Skyrim, all went on sale early to name a few big examples.

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