The Hell Is Up With Chickens In Modern Warfare 3?

World War III throws the globe into chaos. Cities are being destroyed. People are fighting. People are dying. And what are the chickens doing? Dancing.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was released on Nov. 8. It has chickens.



    Yeah I killed the chickens in mw3 lol

      Peta is coming for you

    Now, I know Kotaku US is going to hate this but:

    Another Copy/Pasta from MW2 :

      I can see Luke writing an article about this already: "MW3 ingeniously cuts development time by copying chickens -- good job IW"

    And articles on exploits or other bs in BF3 cop almost no flak whatsoever...amazing.

      But it isn't coping flak? Just an article about dancing chickens in a game? -_-

        Two comments above mine aren't smartarse remarks about CoD?

          Nope, mine was a smartarse remark about Luke.

    inb4 PETA.

      I would LOVE for them to try and put a spin on this.

    dinosaurs > chickens

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