The Tube Terror In Modern Warfare 3 That’s Freaking Out The Brits

Depictions of terrorist attacks on London's Tube are just one of the ways military shooter Call of Duty courts controversy in this year's blockbuster Modern Warfare 3 game.

Decried for being in "incredibly bad taste" by the UK's Mediawatch campaign, the Call of Duty series has for years depicted graphic and shocking moments in fictionalised war.

Last year's Call of Duty: Black Ops drew ire from the Cuban government over a scene that seemed to allow players to assassinate Fidel Castro. Two years ago, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 came under fire over a scene that had players gunning down unarmed civilians in an Russian airport.

This year the game's media flashpoint will likely by the game's depiction of terrorist attacks in London and the US military response in Paris.

Be warned, this is a video loaded with spoilers. Don't watch a second of it if you want to experience the game free of prior knowledge.


    Why is this freaking out the poms?

    It's not like they're ideas that haven't been postulated before... especially during the 'troubles'.

      Er, the terrorist attacks on the tube only six years ago when 50+ people were killed.

      Pretty sure they're scared of anything that moves, hence the epic nanny state of this century.

    No, I possible couldn't see why people would be upset about a little girl being killed by a truck bomb...

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