The Windows Phone/Xbox 360 Cross-Compatibility You Crave

The Windows Phone/Xbox 360 Cross-Compatibility You Crave

If you eagerly snatched up a Windows Phone 7 when they launched last year, dreaming of a mobile applications that allowed you to extend your Xbox 360 games beyond the television set, then this is the app for you, only it’s Kinectimals.

Don’t get me wrong — Kinectimals is a fine game, easily one of the highlights of the launch line-up for Microsoft’s revolutionary motion sensing, body tracking camera peripheral. It’s just it was the one they always advertised with adorable little children interacting with giant cuddly cats with names like Skittles. It’s not exactly the first game I imagined would allow me to transfer characters between the console and phone, playing with them just as readily in the palm of my hand as in my living room in front of the all-seeing eye.

But what the hell, I’ll take it.

Purchasing the $US2.99 Kinectimals Windows Phone 7 app grants players access to five new cubs in the Xbox 360 version of Kinectimals (now with bears, in case you missed that). It also grants players the ability to export their existing virtual pets to their phone via the magic of QR codes; Kinect can read the code from your phone, and the phone can read the code from your television screen. utilising this magical technology gives players the ability to swap their cats back and forth on a whim.

Even without the Xbox 360 swap functionality Kinectimals is one sexy little app, with graphics easily on par with some of the best games I’ve seen on iOS or Android devices. It’s the sort of bite-sized game you can whip out when your friends wonder why you chose a Windows Phone 7 in the first place. The adorable feline companions are sure to melt hearts, and if all else fails you can fall back on ‘pocket pussy’ jokes.

And then Fahey completely ruined a perfectly PG-rated Gaming App of the Day.

Kinectimals [Windows Phone Marketplace]

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