There's New Beyond Good & Evil 2 Footage (Though It Sucks)

Over the weekend, Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel gave a talk at the Montpellier in Game conference in France. As a treat, he showed off some concept art and footage from the game's sequel, the long-in-development Beyond Good & Evil 2.

That's the good news! The bad news is that, because the talk was behind closed doors, the only way we're seeing it now is because somebody filmed it on their phone. Meaning everthing's more than a little shaky.

At around 0:45 you'll see concept art for the game, while at around 2:20 you can see a fly-around of what looks like the stage from the game's 2009 demo.

As for what was spoken of, apparently the development team travelled to India for inspiration, while the game's engine can produce "huge, fully explorable cities".

Beyond Good & Evil 2: New Concept Arts and in-engine scenes [NeoGAF, via Eurogamer]


    Confirmation that the game hasn't been quietly take out back and shot is news enough.

    The fact it's still in development is news enough for me. I'm not sold on the type of cities, it looks really lame and brown in comparison to the venice-esque planet of Hillys, but still, pumped it exists still.

    Is that the same level from 2009 or the same footage from 2009?

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