Beyond Good And Evil 2 Still In The Works, According To Michel Ancel

Beyond Good And Evil 2 Still In The Works, According To Michel Ancel

A colleague quipped recently that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is the kind of game that people think they want. You see that sometimes, where people love the idea of a game more than the actual experience.

How much that actually applies to a Beyond Good & Evil sequel is another matter. But today, courtesy of Double Fine, we got confirmation — of sorts — that a sequel for the iconic hybrid-adventure is still in the works.

The confirmation came in the latest Devs Play video from Double Fine, where Tim Schafer played an hour of the original Beyond Good & Evil alongside the game’s producer, Michel Ancel.

At the end of the video, Schafer directly asked about a sequel and Ancel’s mentality. The question kicks in at 1:07:49, for reference.

“You’re still in the headspace of this game because you’re making a sequel right,” Tim Schafer asked. “You’re thinking about [the Beyond Good & Evil] world still.”

“Yeah, but it’s difficult because it’s hard for me to redo the same game two times. I don’t know how you’re going to manage that for Psychonauts 2,” Ancel replied.

Fans have been waiting a really long time for movement on BGE2. For years it’s been an ongoing tease, and this really just adds to that. But who knows? Maybe this year, finally, we’ll get a firm announcement with unbroken gameplay and something approximating a release date.



  • Played it on the GameCube. It was a good game but I don’t understand the crazy hype for another one.

    • I’m pretty sure it was that gameplay concept video which seemed revolutionary for it’s time when it was released all the way back six years ago now. It doesn’t seem that incredible today, but back then the teaser and leaked gameplay made it look like we were in for a great squeal.

      Just one of those amazing things doomed to the same oblivion they sent the real Battlefront 3.

  • Sorry, but… I don’t think it’s a confirmation at all. He’s just saying “Yeah” because he agrees with Schafer. And Schafer doesn’t specifically say anything about BG&E2 in that sentence.

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