These Are Your Dragonborn, Kotaku Readers

The other day, I asked readers to share their Dovahkiin. Your response was... overwhelming. There were so many awesome avatars, in fact, that I figured it's only fair to celebrate them with a gallery of their own.

I've collected the snappiest, funniest and most badass Dovahkiin I could find. My personal favourite is the one up top, pineapplesamba's "aspiring chef" Pootis, but there are plenty of other awesome characters to be found within.

Show me Your Dovahkiin. I Want to See It. [Kotaku]

By 9of9.

By 刀.

By civanT.

By Goufunaki22.

By Hingethunder.

By karnie.

By kinth.

By noobtits.

By pineapplesamba.

By Prof. Bananas Goldsteinberg.

By rainofwalrus.

By Revenge_of_Nekojin.

By stavius.

By unforgiven91.

By GOP SpaceRanger.

By Robbo.

By Nicholas Prior.

By Twi.

By BearBlaster.

By Khazidhea.

By Senor Freebie.

By Trance.

By Lok.

By Liam DJ.

By ResonanceCascade.

By homeless.

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    pineapplesamba, you can cook in my firepit any time.

    Haha! Yay. Makes for a nice before and after now that I have my Dragonscale gear.

    Is anyone playing as an Argonian???

      I do, just didn't submit a pic

    Yeah no Argonians.. strange. Although they arent the most popular race in the game by far according to forums.

    It's funny how a lot of the females in the pics are still stacked. Heavy plate armour? Not a problem with my metal reshaping mammaries, they shall be form fitting!

    I'm surprised mine made the cut with how awesome some of the early screenies were.

    I think I'm the only person playing Skyrim that doesn't have a character with face paint.

    In Goufunaki22's... is that horse... floating?

    Also, evil horses in Skyrim?! Or did someone forget to turn off red-eyes when they took their photo?

    I love Pineapplesamba's, and I will forever refer to it as the Naked Chef.

    Here is mine! sorry i missed the original post, but if an editor can upload mine for me, i would be very grateful!

    I am the Male

    I'm glad mine made it. It shows that they check the AU comments.

      yep mine made it as well :)

    Not enough beard.

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