They Want To Turn A League Of Legends Character Into A Playboy Bunny

League of Legends players being League of Legends players, there's a campaign going down to try and have one of the game's heroes re-imagined as a... Playboy bunny.

Stupid, I know, but artist tsuaii has taken it a little more seriously than expected and come up with this awesome piece of art depicting Riven, the character in question, in her intended outfit.

It'll shouldn't, and never will happen, but it does at least give me an excuse to point out tsuaii's other great piece of LoL art, Caitlyn.

Bunny Girl Riven [DeviantArt, via ALBOTAS]


    Its incorrect to say it will never happen because surprise party fiddlesticks was an idea from the community that everyone backed and after a while they finally made it. It may not happen right away but its possible with the proper amount of support

      Oh absolutely. It'll happen, all right. And it SHOULD happen.

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