This Cosplay Has A Monster-Sized Secret Weapon

Sometimes it's the cosplayer's appearance that sells the cosplay. Sometimes it's the costume itself. And sometimes it's a prop that makes you go, holy shit is that cool or what?

Here, it's all three.

Korean cosplayer Tasha is wearing this Monster Hunter outfit, a hodgepodge of several different characters.

What makes this cosplay so special is the attention to detail and the craft that went into it. Look at the armour and check out those goggles and don't forget that enormous bow. Bravo.

This is a masterclass in how awesome props can make a cosplay.

Tasha [Cure via アサガヲBlog]


    I love the goggles

      That's what I was thinking, they're awesome.

    Looks amazing, although you can see the layers of foam-board sheet on the Bow, for a costume this good the details on the props should matter.

      They could've fixed that by putting some hod-podge over the area where the foam board is layered, it would hide it. I had a similar problem with cardboard for a gun for my Friend's cosplay.
      It's true props definitely do help! The gun made the costume.

    From the title, I assumed that this was a guy crossplaying. I don't know why....

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