Today Is International Hug A Gamer Day

God, didn't we already have one of these? Oh, that was last year. I have to be honest, hugs aren't really my thing. I'm from Scotland where affection is generally shown by abusing each other's mum and headbutting in the face until fail. That said, for those of you who are gamers and those of you that love delivering hugs, today is your day.

Hug a gamer day is on the anniversary of Pong's release, you can attend the facebook event here, or check out the official website for more info although, being honest, I'm not sure precisely what more information is required. Go out and hug gamers -- that's it basically.

I'll just stay here being grumpy and Scottish.


    Hugging a Creeper like that seems like a great idea!

    Release the facehuggers.

    How does one visually identify a gamer for hugging? Are there predetermined (that's the word of the day!) physical characteristics I should be looking for? These are the important questions.

      Look for the person with no friends and/or murdering people.

      Sure signs of a gamer!

        Bad BO, Cheezle Fingers, Coke bottle glasses, asthma inhalers... the usual.

      Just looks for the pale, hunched individuals with unkempt hair. They'll probably be muttering to themselves and repressing the urge to do violent acts, what with the influence of the video games and all.

      Even if they're not gamers, they probably need a hug anyhow :p

      Then again, considering the sales figures for some of the major titles out there, I'd venture that most people under 35 probably count. So hug everyone.

      I have a "My life for Aiur" shirt for just such an occasion, but I can't wear it to work.

      or if in doubt, plant yourself out in front of the nearest EB's and hug everyone coming in and out... i mean, some gamers still use EB's right?

    What do they call a headbutt in Scottishland? Glasgow Kiss? I've heard it referred to as a Liverpool kiss, but that's obviously England.

      They call it Fore-Head Play


        You complete me Loops.

          I know

          *gets frozen in Carbonite*

    What a stupid day...

    I mean, i normally don't mind stupid day (talk like a pirate day, anyone?) - but hug a gamer day?

    Thats just so damn lame.

    If i walked into an arcade and did that i'd probably get stabbed by the gang members who like to plat Tekken... or that punching bag game..

    Why couldn't it be "International Play-the-shiz-outta-pong" day.


    Gamers celebrate the release of pong my neutralizing their own!!!

    Then we may be able to CONSIDER the hugs.

      Awww, somebody needs a hug!
      *embraces loopy in a rib cracking, lung deflating, organ rupturing hug*

        Not enough that you already crushed Sughly to death with your glee?
        I love you too, buddy

        *fetches lube*

    meh, too busy playing games

    Awww, poor Mark.

    Sounds like someone needs a hug...

    Why isn't every day hug a gamer day?
    I like hugs

      Just feihsind watching this video, excellent review you really covered it well, you should these more often. You have real talent my friend, hope your taking film next semester as well.

    The last recorded instance of affection ever shown in Scotland was in 1823, when Sean O'flannery and Sheamus O'hara embraced for nearly a whole second after one stumbled on a loose cobble stone during an argument outside a pub.

    The more you know.

      Those sound suspiciously like Irish names to me...

      In fact that's exactly what they are...

      SO the last affection in Scotland wasn't actually by Scots?


    Well considering how widespread gaming is, lets just give everyone a hug


    You know what's really funny? If you go to a gaming convention and hold up a free hugs sign Everyone will hug you.
    I know cause I always cosplay at manifest and I see those people getting hugs all the time.

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