Watch Kids Be Confused, Excited By Minecraft

The popular "Kids React" series on YouTube figured it'd be an interesting idea to see what the young people of 2011 thought when you sat them down in front of Minecraft.

Some of them know the game, and know it well. So well, in fact, that we even get a kid hatin' on Call of Duty.

Some don't, but that's OK. They can still admire the craftsmanship.


    So you wrote an article about Minecraft and STILL managed to cram some Call of Duty fanboyism in there? Wow.

      It's Luke Plunkett And I wouldn't call this an article

    The kid wasn't hatin' on CoD - he just stated a fact. There is no creativity in CoD. How is that hatin'? lol

    These kids have some imagination though. Giant sushi that's a maze inside?! I'm so doing that!

    LOL Mine-Con "That would be boring, seriously."

      Plunkett is just one of those people that can't stand whenever someone doesn't say that CoD is the GREATEST THING EVARRR

    "What are you gonna get from building things on the computer in your life? It's not going to get you into some special college, right?"


      I never quite got why people say "games are so pointless". That could apply to so many things. What's the point of drawing? Or reading a book? Or watching a movie? Or listening to music? Leisure is leisure!

      Please, it can actually get you, not only into a special college, but also get you a job.
      Also this is the same girl that insisted that Miku Hatsune wasn't real, as in, didn't exist, as in we shouldn't be able to hear her voice... (wait, what?) but then loved Nyan cat, which was originally made using Hatsune Miku! (Wait, what?x2)
      Plus she's not even a kid, hasn't been one for 2 years, so I would advise you ignore her opinion.

        Sorry, it was actually a different kid that said it. I thought it was the blonde one. But yeah the last parts were all said by the blonde older girl

    [email protected] blonde chick "I don't have enouh time [to play minecraft]." The fuck? You're 14... you have a copious amount of free time.. =\

      IIRC she's a singer and actress and has quite a bit on her plate

    Suprised douchebag Luke didnt accuse the kid of being elitist idiot arsehole.


      lol yeh +1

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