Watch Someone Dive From A Jet In Battlefield 3

Can you shoot someone in the head with a tank? Is it possible to jump from a jet and wrestle your way into a flying helicopter? Can a jeep safely drive over your prone form? DefendtheHouse tested out a bunch of Battlefield 3 myths in game in this video.

It's a neat bunch of clips showing just how crazy things can get in a shooter when you include destruction, massive maps and vehicles.

What myths would you like to see tested?


    Half of these are just stunt tricks from BF2 or 1942, of course they'd still work.

    That and the music felt like my ears were being raped.

    Have your ears been raped before?
    It's ok if you don't want to talk about it. :(

    He heard them coming.
    That video was a heap of fun, even with the bad music.

      Oh lord, Bovinedeath, that was horrible.

      Man, I wish I had BF3. Ah well.

    Had a guy kill me the other night with over 500 MAV kills. (Also beleive you can place ammo and medkits on EoD bots and C4)

    Myth: All the beginner servers are populated by people with a lot of rank. Confirmed

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