Now This Is How You Use A Dirt Bike To Take Down A Jet In Battlefield 3

Battlefield players have found all sorts of awe-inspiring ways to do stunts with dirt bikes. But this one takes the cake when it comes to how much air the player grabs, not to mention the rather dramatic ending.

Good teamwork, t4ct1x1. After all — this wasn't errant luck. The YouTube description says that the player had his friend direct the enemy jet toward him for the chance of taking the shot. It worked out into a beautiful Battlefield moment.

BF3: Anti-Air Dirt Bike [t4ct1x1]


    Best ad placement ever.
    During the video the TAC "Watch out for motorists" add came up.
    Is that on purpose or what?

    how did he get so much air

      A friendly player had put C4 on the back of the bike.

        It was mines, you can see on the ramp. once he hit them there was a slight delay

    That was all entertaining and all..... UNTIL I saw the Russian stripper in the "related videos" at the end of the clip. WTF.

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