What's Going On With Metal Gear: Rising?

This past August, I asked a very simple question: Where the hell is Metal Gear: Rising? It's now mid-November, and the game surfaced briefly, with a teaser trailer hinting at some sort of Rising announcement at the Spike VGAs.

Oddly, it was revealed this week that the game's producer, Shigenobu Matsuyama, was dumped. Metal Gear Producer Ken Imaizumi tweeted (via AndriaSang9 that the producer is Yuji Korekado, who's been working on the HD versions of mecha game Zone of the Enders.

The game, which stars character Raiden, is supposedly different from the standard Metal Gear games. It is apparently designed with the concept of "slashing" and "take", or "Zan-Datsu", to complement traditional MGS stealth.

The concept was that Raiden could slice enemies up several different ways and then take things from them.

However, according to a report on website The Snake Soup (via Eurogamer), Konami trademarked "Zan-Datsu", but has since abandoned the trademark, leading some to wonder if it is even in the game anymore.

And with Matsuyama, the producer who was apparently behind Zan-Datsu gone, it doesn't seem like it.

At the Spike VGAs next month, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima will show off new gameplay and address "rumours" and discuss the "truth".

I've been picking my brain for rumours. I guess it's rumour and speculation that the cut-and-take elements have been taken out of the game. Maybe this is what Kojima will address. If it is, saying you haven't taken a feature out of your games sounds extremely dull.

The other rumour surrounding Rising, besides the ones that Konami is having major problems developing it, was that Platinum Games, the studio behind Bayonetta, had taken over development duties. However, Platinum Games explicitly told Kotaku that they were not making Rising. And Platinum Games wouldn't lie would it?

But maybe, and stay with me here, maybe Platinum Games really isn't making it. Maybe Platinum Games is helping. Helping is not making. And that, by mere semantics, isn't lying.


    They sure know how to torture us!

    Meh, this sounded like a bad idea from the very beginning. If you must make another Metal Gear game (I really don't think it's necessary but Konami haven't made too many decent games since MGS4 so I'm guessing their bottom line needs a big hit) then ditch this and just go with MGS5.

      Yeah I agree, I couldn't see how it could be seamlessly introduced without slowing down gameplay too much - it seemed to work great if you were standing still and your enemy was a watermelon.

    "The concept was that Raiden could slice enemies up several different ways and then take things from them."

    Raiden has turned into a chav!

    I can honestly say with a straight face, as a long time Metal Gear nut, that I think it would be cool and interesting to see a new storyline/spinoff series of Metal Gear Solid games with (Johnny) Akiba as the protagonist... After finishing MGS 4, I can totally see it working with Meryl as your 'Colonel/Otacon' type Codec commander.

    I know it will never happen, but in my head it could actually turn out awesome. (and also, hilarious)...

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