A Night-and-Day Comparison Best Describes Fortnite

Fortnite, revealed last nite (rimshot) at the Spike Video Game Awards, is one of those games whose elements seem to be either derivative or easily recognisable, yet an easy description remains tip-of-the-tongue elusive. It's a got resource gathering, but it's not really Minecraft; cartoony characters, but you can't say it's Team Fortress; zombies and headshots, but it sure isn't Left 4 Dead; and a post-apocalyptic setting, but it's definitely not Brink, Rage or Borderlands.

So what the hell is it? Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski talked about Fortnite backstage at the VGAs (above), and tried to bring some structure to what everyone saw in that teaser video.

According to Bleszinski, the game's day and night cycles appear to divide its resource-management/RTS elements and its run-n-gun shooting gameplay. In the daytime, the game will focus on building up a fortress; there'll be a cooperative multiplayer aspect to this. At night, the freaks come out. How well you worked with others in constructing the fort will determine how long you last against the undead horde. Well, your ability to gun down zombies will probably play a role, too.

Bleszinski added that the game does not yet have a publisher, meaning this teaser is as much for a potential business partner as it is for fans of Epic Games. (And, of course, Epic would probably hope any gamer enthusiasm for after the reveal would drive publisher interest in picking it up.)

I've heard some readers speculate that this could be a downloadable title which, when you think about successful games like Trenched, Toy Soldiers and Monday Night Combat, makes a lot of sense. So you can add another four games that Fortnite is sorta like, but not really like at all. Or is it?

Epic Games' New Franchise FORTnITE Blends Survival Horror With Tower defence Strategy [Forbes]


    This is the longest article I've seen Kotaku US publish, and it's devoid of obvious typos (apart from the title being spelled incorrectly). Well done, guys.

    Meanwhile, from the trailer, this looks to have a lot of personality, and will hopefully not involve Epic's coffee-filter colour scheme. This one's worth watching, methinks.

      where is the spelling error in the title?

        The game is called "Fortnite" not "Fortnight"

        The game is called Fortnite

          And I wish it wasn't. Unless I've missed something (which is likely) I don't see a reason for spelling it incorrectly for the game title.

      Headline typo fixed! ta!

      Must have gotten the work experience kid to do the article.

    its a last stand game like horde mode in gears ir over a dozen other examples

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