A Sneak Peek At One Of DMC's Breathtaking Secret Worlds

As the dark-haired Dante explores the world of Ninja Theory's upcoming Devil May Cry game he'll stumble across hidden portals that transport him to strange secret worlds. This is one of those.

If you thought DMC's regular levels were twisted, wait until you get a load of this. Developer Ninja Theory gets a chance to flex all its creative muscle in the game's secret worlds, as demonstrated by this massive construct bound by gigantic chains. What happens when all of the chains fall? We'll find out next year.


    revamp? or its still the same just with an emo dude ?

      It is and always has been an origin story.

        Partially correct. It was initially touted as a completely new origin story for the Dante we've seen in the previous games (despite both the anime and DMC3 covering this canonically previously, meaning DmC would need to make some nasty retcons). However, because of the fan backlash, Capcom have since stated that this DMC game takes place in an alternate setting/universe to the other games (not unlike how both Marvel and DC comics have alternate universes with different takes on the same character, or how the version of Batman universe from the Arkham series of games isn't the same as the comics version or the films).

        This basically means that this Dante is an alternate Dante; the original Dante's back-story isn't at all related to this Dante (although they may be similar), and any story that is revealed in this game has no effect or relation with the original Dante. That way, they have the best of both worlds. if this game does well, they can release sequels that continue this Dante's story. If it doesn't, they can go back to traditional Dante and pretend this game never happened (like they did with Prince of Persia '08, sadly).

    So few people thinking this will be a good game. I'm one of them (but then, I'm optimistic about pretty much everything).

    i was a fan of every devil may cry game and this looks very true to the series, albeit reminding me of god of war so much with the level design. im excited!

    It's funny how as soon as the developer name changes people lose it completely. This looks like Devil May Cry has always looked, except instead of having that dull, idiosyncratic, Japanese action game level design look, DMC looks like it has incredibly strong art design and focus. This is one of those franchises that DEFINITELY needs a shake-up. As much as I love them, each iteration is very similar. If anything, Team Ninja aren't changing this game enough.

    Also, the guy doesn't have an Emo haircut for crying out loud! If any of you knew anything about fashion, you'd see he has black hair, cut more akin to the way a (real, not the internet's perception of) hipster, model or indie band member would have it cut these days. But because it's black you draw on the last aesthetic movement you're familiar with, which is at least 7 years old.

      Could have done with a bigger splash in the water when the chain fell though.

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