Watch The Beginning Of DmC's Vergil's Downfall DLC

Vergil's Downfall, the first downloadable add-on for DmC: Devil May Cry, may not be out until March 5, but that didn't stop some quick-moving European gamers from redeeming their codes early and documenting the entire expansion.

Inferno has uploaded a playthrough of the entire DLC, if you're inclined to watch. Or, you can watch the first 18 or so minutes above and see if this looks like something you might be interested in checking out.

DLC for DmC. Take it to the DPT, or the DMV. In the DMZ. With some DDT. IDDQD.

[via Destructoid]


    Vergil was the best part of DmC. I'll probably end up buying this DLC purely because he was the only character that showed actual character in the game.

    Plus, who doesn't enjoy more swish swoosh stab?

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