Angry Birds Second Birthday Invites A New Bird To The Party

Angry Birds has published another special-occasion update, this one celebrating the runway mobile hit's second birthday. With it, you get 15 new levels and a new projectile, the Orange Bird, which "propels any object it touches."

The update is to the main game, which is still 99 cents for the iPhone, $US4.99 for the iPad. The news release announcing the update only mentioned the game's iOS versions.

Additionally, the "Birthday 2.0.0" update offers 15 more levels in which you may fling the aforementioned rancorous avians into cakes, balloons and other festive objects. There are also new achievements to be claimed through Game centre.


    Yes. Because we need more goddamn Angry Birds. As if the constant barrage of mainstream news and merchandise wasn't enough to overstay its welcome. If you're just going to make a new update for as flimsy a reason as '2nd birthday', I guess you've already demanded the right to make it a yearly thing, along with the usual licensed trash (Angry Birds: Rio).

    Happy birthday Rovio, I hope you choke on the millions of dollars you'll inevitably make from this trash.

      Lol I get the feeling you don't like Angry Birds.

      On the flipside, yay more free content on top of the bucketload of free content I've already got for it! Best $1.29 NZ I ever spent.

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