You Can Get 10 New Angry Birds Levels For Free Right Now

A free new update is available today called "Fry Me to the Moon". Ten free new levels! Lots of space eagles! Android and iOS! [Rovio]


    An update for an old game that consistently gets updates, that will notify people who own the game, isn't what I would call news.

      Yeah, pretty much this. I try not to be a hater, but since when does Kotaku post when Angry Birds has an update? This has been happening constantly for the last couple years.

    I'm guessing this 'Fry Me to the Moon' content is focused heavily on space. Could this be anything to do with the recent "SPACE ANGRY BIRDS" rip-off? Guess we'll never know because the poster didn't bother to do his research. In other news, my comment is bigger than this post!!!

      Rip-off? It's the sequel...

    Or you can just get the full thing for free on Android.

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