Battlefield 3’s Back To Karkand Live Now, But Not Without Problems

Battlefield 3's Back to Karkand expansion pack is live in Europe and hits the rest of the world this afternoon, if you own the Playstation 3. PC and Xbox 360 owners will need to wait until December 13.

The Back to Karkand expansion is free to everyone who purchased the Limited Edition version of Battlefield 3. Moments ago, the official Battlefield 3 blog posted that the pack was now out in Europe, Australia and New Zealand and that it would be hitting North America today.

The above video shows some new gameplay from the expansion pack, all pulled from the Playstation 3. The Karkand pack comes with four Battlefield 2 maps recreated in the Frostbite 2 engine. The pack also includes three vehicles from Battlefield 2 and one new vehicle. It also comes with 10 weapons from Battlefield 2. And, according to the blog, those weapons will be usable in all Battlefield 3 maps once you get the DLC.

Developers DICE say that players will be receiving an in-game pop-up window once Back to Karkand is live in their area.

They also warn that they are running into some server browser issues.

"Please use the Quick Match filter settings to pick the Back to Karkand map and mode you want to play. Going through the server browser right now will match you up with base game maps only. We are hard at work isolating and fixing this issue and will have an ETA on this later. Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, using Quick Match will let you select and play on any map, from the base game or Back to Karkand."


    Great. Now hurry up and fix the damn voice chat on the PS3 version. Don't know if other versions have similar problems but it's almost unusable on PS3 most of the time.

      Seriously? ive never had a problem with the Voice during gameplay... or in the menus for that matter...

        At least you have voice chat the PC version doesn't and its a pain in the ass.
        Apparently you can party up with friends and have voice chat but I have yet to hear anything about it actually working.

          Yeah it's a pain in the but for those who don't regularly play with friends. I would really like to be able to just run up to a guy in the game and go, "hey you, follow me" or something. I really would like to see a shooter do VOIP that as well as com-channels, has distance based chat in game, so whenever you say something, people within a certain radius can hear your voice coming from your player, just like in real life.

            That's actually a really good idea...
            That along with squad voip (not distance based due to everyone being on a specific "channel" dictated by the squad leader) would be amazing.

            MAG on PS3 had this feature. Get within earshot and anybody could hear you. In Surround Sound you could even detect direction. Very cool

      I second that. The voice chat is all broken and crappy. I just give up most of the time and don't even bother with it.

    maybe you should edit the title to include that it's only live on PS3?

    DICE, I thought PC was the lead platform for the vanilla Battlefield series, what gives?

      I think this was done to give the PS3 owners less crying opportunities after they didn't get their promised free BF 1943(?)

        Didn't they get it in the end though?

        Yeah how great were they to allow ps3 user the opptunity to pay for dlc 1 week earlier.

    My voicechat in ps3 hasn't skipped a beat

    The update last night fixed most of the problems I had on PC. Mine would never load the next map after a game but it does now, hurrah!!! And they fixed the STUPIDLY giant chat box which is an expansion pack all to itself imo. I'm just slightly dissapointed they nerfed the engineer mines so they dissapear 20 seconds after you die, but they were a bit annoying as a vehicle driver.

      NOOOOOOOO!!!! i used to love a double kill or triple kill come up like 5mins later when you were nowhere near the mine when it got triggered. No noise, no visuals. Just acknowledgement of kills.

        Thats's what I did used to do. It is fairly annoying when you are trying to drive a tank though.

      that doesn't happen on XBOX. Fuck knows what patch we got. The squad functionality is still shithouse.

    love the music in these bf trailers

    im curious to see why the voice chat on ps3 works a treat for some and is broken for others. For me it breaks up constantly online, but there it works fine on co-op and in menus (with slight lag), and i've had this problem with BFBC2 and BF1943 as well.

    51secs - is that a Bobcat? Forklift??

    So I noticed the PC and PS3 got a patch which had improved SQUAD FUNCTIONS. But it seems the XBOX 360 didn't get it.

    Has this been brought up yet??

    i have battlefield3 on ps3 and a gtta say the gamplay is awesome

    Voicechat on PC works fine - hasnt been an issue for me. Just like talking on a phone really. Clear as no choppiness ever, maybe users complaining might need a decent pc :P

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