Could The Father Of The PlayStation Run Sony?

Sony Computer Entertainment honcho Kaz Hirai seemed like a logical choice to replace Howard Stringer. But with Hirai lacking in experience outside gaming, Sony's old guard could actually select someone with a deep understanding of electronics — namely Ken Kutaragi. [東洋経済]


    is that really all there is to this article? that was kind of dissapointing


        I was also expecting a hell of a lot more than two and a half line. :/

          Its a Brian Ashcraft article, you should just be glad that the grammar and spelling was correct /troll ;)

    Yeah, I think he is expecting us to carry on the debate in the comments.... So, urgh... i will hand it over to you guys!

    I thought that Kutaragi was given an office with a nice view a few years back when they decided he was batshit crazy and wouldn't be appropriate to lead Sony, and he subsequently quit the company?

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