Report: Sony Is Firing A Whole Bunch Of People

Report: Sony Is Firing A Whole Bunch Of People

Today, Japan’s Nikkei newspaper reported that Sony is axing 6 per cent of its global workforce — approximately 10,000 individuals — by the end of the year.

Half the cuts will supposedly come from Sony’s chemical and LCD businesses.

The paper also added that Sony is asking the seven executive directors who served through the last fiscal year to return their bonuses. Howard Stringer is apparently included.

The Tokyo-based has been losing money for the past four years. New Sony head Kaz Hirai is under pressure to turn Sony around.

Previously, an unverified report surfaced in Japan that Sony is using “underhanded” techniques to let employees go.

Sony to cut global workforce by 10,000 -Nikkei [Reuters]

Sony to axe 10,000 jobs in turnaround bid: Nikkei [Yahoo!]

(Top photo: Junji Kurokawa | AP)


  • I see that Mr A posted that picture deliberately to make it seem like the execs somehow find it funny.

    Stay classy Mr A.

  • I don’t like it when anyone looses there job but Sony going broke with all the great products they make would be sad. I love my Blue ray drive (ps) and I love me PS3. Plus all the old tech like Walkmans I got that were Sony lasted despite insane hours of use.
    Mr A. needs to stop being a fueler or anti Sony etc negativity and start being a good journalist and not a one line wonder.
    What is bizarre is that he get’s rubbished constantly on here and he has not got the hint nor has word got to his employers.

    • Mr Anderson, no doubt gets paid for the sole purpose of writing garbage.

      Any thing to get a reaction, I guess you could say.

  • Just fire all your American exec’s and shut down your American branches. Get rid of thier toxic influence and get back to doing what you do best – innovation and being the 1st to create something new. Seriously, American’s view stagnation as a posistive. Just cast those parasites off and get back to work.

  • Hahaha, what did anyone expect? Japan still makes some extremely good precision technology and machinery and all sorts of other stuff but really, they stopped (as a nation) seriously innovating in the consumer devices market around the time of the discman and the PSX

    Too much focus on the domestic market, basically. Too much DRM. Too much product reliant on being able to sell a niche lifestyle first and the product second. Japanese handheld phones were at one time 5+ years ahead of anything in the West, and the biggest joke was they weren’t even localising or exporting their good stuff.

    Back when I was living in Japan, “facebook” and “iphone” were almost dirty words, analogous to foreign, inferior, cumbersome and quaint. Well, nobody is calling them that any more 🙂 it’s a long way to the bottom Sony, thanks for all the fish.

    • Definatly not surprised about the lcd people. With Sony going out of that business they can’t pay people to twiddle their thumbs.

      So being serious lets say half of the 10k cuts are solely to save money. Then really, given the state of the world economy, as well as some poor performance as of late. This is to be expected and

  • i cant believe sony survived this long it was only a matter of time the company would go broke, most of their products are made by other suppliers the day they stopped making their own products and still charged a premium for it was the beginning of the end consumers realised why am i paying a premium when i can get better for cheaper ok in start was japanese and own product not anymore yet price still exspensive even though they found cheaper labour and factories. i feel sory for shareholders.goodbye sony was fun while it lasted

  • when a company starts firing staff and who ask directors for bonuses back thats when you know its near its end. firstly why get a bonus when you obviously arent performing well?they going broke cause of their business decisions, do not know how to run and manage a company if they did they wouldnt be firing staff thats what un educated people do. yet they get bonuses

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