Counter-Strike, You’ve Changed (For The Better!)

Counter-Strike, You’ve Changed (For The Better!)

This mighty helpful YouTube video shows just how far Valve’s shooter Counter-Strike has come over the past eight years, between the release of the landmark version 1.6 and subsequent revisions like Condition Zero, Source and the upcoming Global Offensive.

All shots are from the game’s trademark level, de_dust2, and show that the biggest addition to GO isn’t the lighting or fancy textures. It’s the power lines.


  • Eh. The graphics don’t seem that impressive to me. It seems to me the the maps are so much smaller than some other FPSes and they could pack a lot more detail in there.

    • They don’t want to though. They’re working on maintaining a balance between a good looking game, and a competitive game. Look at SC2; it’s a beautiful game, but it doesn’t have much detail compared to other RTS games. The campaign has much more detailed levels.

          • His points are valid, I just don’t think you’re quite grasping what he’s saying.
            It’s a multiplayer shooter, it’s not supposed to be graphically intensive or full of extra visual complexity.

            Increased complexity when it comes to an online multiplayer shooter isn’t a good thing. It makes players (friend and foe) as well as level geometry hard to read and that can mean the difference between a killstreak and ’15 seconds to respawn.’

            Team Fortress 2 was given the design that it has for the same reasons. Readability and intuitive level design. Knowing the difference between ‘My base is over there’ and ‘The enemies base is thattaway’ or even ‘something I can jump on top of’ and ‘something that I can not jump on top of’ are things that need to be clear and need be identifiable almost instantaneously when a player is running through the environment while also scanning for enemies.

            It’s not about “graphical quality”, it’s about clarity and readability. Lots of stuff flying around and lense flares detract from that, so a lot of people tend to turn those off to increase their ability to quickly and easily navigate the game and get them some headshots. ;-P

  • might get it on console. used to play alot of 1.6 in school and css in high school but fired up source a couple months ago and got absolutely dominated! Really looking forward to the cross-plaform feature (which I think means xbox vs. ps3?)

  • This is looking great. If the ranking is implemented well I might play it. Always getting owned, so I don’t play it at the moment.

  • Consider me keen on this. 1.5 to 1.6 saw wonderful improvements. 1.6 to Source more so. I have total faith in Valve.

  • Am I the only one who thinks source is still superior.

    I mean it is clear that GO is superior, but..I dunno, source just feels more “real” to me.

    Maybe its just me getting too far attached to those levels.

    • I was the same for the first few months when Source was released. I stuck with 1.6 but Source grew on me. I think this will be the same. We’ll just need a little while to get used to it.

  • why did they turn de_dust into the generic middle eastern town setting used in every modern warfare game for the past 5 years.

    • That was my reaction as well. Dust always felt more like some kind of stronghold type thing in New Mexico or Arizona. Probably because the skybox was the one used for the surface portions of Black Mesa in Half-Life so I just assumed it was intended as the American Southwest…

  • People who use transitions like that should be slapped. HARD!
    Also the music sucks balls. Please let us never post anything by this person again.

    CS has changed? I don’t think so.

    I remember downloading the 1.2 beta of CS on dial up back in the day and thinking that the players were real jerks (coming from the Battlezone community).
    I played till sometime after source came in and it was still the same jerk magnet then. Nothing has changed in CS.

    …. oh wait, you mean the graphix. :rollseyes:

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