Darksiders II: What Starts With War, Ends With Death

Darksiders II: What Starts With War, Ends With Death

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first Darksiders game, but even I’ll admit, that’s a pretty snappy tagline for its sequel.

This trailer was released over the weekend. It’s short on gameplay, but long on soft focus and dripping blood.

Darksiders 2 is out on PC, PS3 and 360 sometime this year.


  • I wish sometime this year. Looks sweet. Finally finished DS1 a couple of months ago and while it did drag a bit towards the end, it was a solid Zelda style RPG.

    • Darksiders isn’t an RPG. Neither is Zelda for that matter.

      A lot of people draw comparisons between Darksiders and Zelda, and rightly so. Personally though I draw more parallels between Darksiders and Soul Reaver – although you could argue Soul Reaver was Zelda inspired as well.

      • It has RPG elements. Overworld/map, leveling system, consumable items, upgradable abilities etc.

        And Soul Reaver is close to the number one franchise I wish they’d bring back. It was excellent. I can only imagine how it’d look on PC nowadays with a nice art style that has a very wide colour palette… no grey/brown domination!

  • Looking forward to this. Darksiders was great even if they took Ocarina of Time and just added God of War combat and a dark/mature comic book theme to it. Was different (not brown and a FPS) and great fun.

  • Darksiders was one of my favourite games this gen. I love Zelda, so this was a great alternative to that. Lots of action and RPG elements with had me from start to finish. Can’t wait for the sequel.

  • I had Darksiders as PS3 Game of the Year for 2010 (lousy year, admittedly, it would have only scraped top 5 this year and I was one of the few who thought Mass Effect 2 was well below the original, but anyway). Hugely psyched for this.

  • I feel like this trailer needed to have the voice from either the Fallout cinematics or Bastion to really be able to pull off a trailer where its more talking than gameplay.

  • Looking foward too it, Darksiders could improve a lot but as a core game, it was hell fun and enjoyable. Bring on Darksiders 2 I say!

  • I was really enjoying Darksiders on PC until my save game got corrupted. Turns out that I exited the game at exactly the wrong time. There was a known bug that corrupted save games just after you fought in some arena and got your horse.

    Who leaves the autosave enabled in an area that is known to corrupt save games? Either fix the bug or disable the save for a few minutes.

    Plus your save game is somehow tied to your Steam account, so I couldn’t even get somone else’s file. Developer fail.

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