Demon's Souls Just Got A Smidge Easier

As it did last year, the impenetrably difficult Demon's Souls is giving players just a teensy bit of a break between now and New Year's. From now to January 2, Demon's Souls will ease the game's difficulty and unlock "otherwise inaccessible areas and items".

For those familiar with the game, that means, Demon's Souls is shifting to a Pure White World Tendency. It follows Atlus' decision to continue online support for the 2009 game through 2012.


    Pure white isn't that much of a deal though since it occurs as you do better at the game, and everybody playing is trying to do that. The worlds average out the world tendency, so even if you weren't aiming for white it would slowly be pushed that way.

    Pure black on the other hand, is much harder, for that players much continually lose in order to make the game hard enough that the big challenges open up is a big ask. Especially since the averaging I mentioned above would be thrown on top.

      I prefer when Atlus do PBWT events, it's much more interesting and different than the regular every day world tendency averages.

    It sucked trying to get back to Pure White Tendency after killing a boss who not only had some sweet armour but also unlocked a trophy for my efforts - yet that counted as -2 points and now another boss won't show up because of that

    Pure White enables better defence & enemies aren't as hard either so it makes a fair bit of a difference. I'll have to get back into it after the patch is applied but for now my attention is far too focused on Dark Souls

    I think most of us can agree that the 'world tendency' scheme the game pushed upon us was confusing and difficult to exploit. I had to read a damn walkthrough just to understand it

      I've only played Dark Souls but this sounds confusing as hell. I'm glad Dark Souls doesn't do it although it certainly has its fair share of walkthrough-needed impenetrability though.

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