Did Sony Remove Another PS3 Feature?

For a little while there, owners of both a PS3 and PSP could use their console to download certain games designed for both systems, then easily copy them over. It was way better than using the PSP on its own.

Now, for some reason, that feature is missing.

Since updating to the latest firmware, users trying to copy over certain games — like PS1 titles, which play on both systems — have found they can't do so.

It's unclear whether this is a glitch, or whether Sony has removed the capability. It'd be a shame if it's the latter. Using the PSP's online interface these days is like pulling teeth, which I guess is why they introduced the copying in the first place!

PS3 firmware 4.00 limits PSP game installation [Shacknews]


    :\ Odd. Sony don't really accomplish anything by removing that feature. It's not a piracy risk, since you must be signed into PSN in order to copy.. What are they thinking?

    *goes to Media Go, copies a PS1 game to his PSP, to find it stays on his computer as well* Well assuming they don't give Media Go this issue, there are many other things worth worrying about.

    I noticed this the day after the update. I tend to rotate PSOne games between my PS3 and PSP pretty frequently so I found it incredibly inconvenient and googled the issue. It's pretty clear that it's not a glitch. It was done purposefully, but with no explanation or defense.

    So all the PSOne games I have installed on my PS3 don't matter... If I want one of them on my PSP I'm going to have to redownload it completely either onto the PSP directly or onto the PS3 and instead of hitting "Install" choosing "Copy"... Even though the game already *exists* on my hard drive

    SO incredibly frustrating and asinine.
    Here's hoping they roll back this 'feature' :-P

      I wouldn't hold your breath. If there's one thing Sony have prooved over the years, it's that once they make an idiotic design choice they stick to it. :/

        Not always, they went back on their claim that the PS3 will never have rumble because it messes with the sixaxis motion and "rumble is so last gen"

    It seems to only affect games that can be played on both(ie, minis and PS1) psp games can still be managed via PS3.

    So - Sony haven't completely screwed Mac users.(There's no MediaManager for Mac users). But it's definitely a downgrade for a number of users.

    I wonder if this is part of the 'Vita' upgrade - since we know PS1 games don't play on it. I'd have thought Minis would work on the vita though.

    Almost all firmware upgrades are downgrades, at least from SONY.
    I really don't understand that company, it's like they don't care about there customers at all.

    I think this may just be a case of people leaping to the internets to complain about Sony before looking. I noticed the other day that after the update, when I install a game to the hard drive, the "bubble" version remained and a new installed game icon popped up. It confused me at first because normally the bubble goes away after installing. However, the bubble version will let you copy the game to your PSP, the installed version doesn't.

    I'm not sure if there's a system setting that needs to be on, but Sony haven't removed anything, they've just changed how things install now.

      I noticed this as well, the installer only disappears after installation for games that only work with ps3, whilst others that i guess could be played on psp remained until you deleted them. Not sure the logic behind it is (another step to stop game sharing maybe?) but its a bit of a pain in the ass anywho.

    Earlier today I downloaded Crash Bandicoot 2 on my PS3 and copied it over to my PSP3000 with no troubles whatsoever. I also installed 2 copies of the game, one on PS3 and one on PSP.

    Previously you could download a PSP/PSX/Minis title and copy to a PSP and have it installed on your PS3. In the case of the PSP titles the installed games naturally wouldn't launch it would just give you the choice to copy to a PSP.

    Since firmware 4.0 any and all PSP/PSX/Minis titles installed prior to 4.0 cannot be transferred.

    The solution is to redownload to be able to install on PSP from your PS3. The way it works now is different from before. Rather than having the choice to launch or copy from the same file when downloading the software to your PS3 once installed it will create two files: one is the software to launch on your PS3, the second is the install file which can only be installed to a PSP.

    To rotate games on your PSP this would mean keeping two copies of the same item on your PS3, one to launch from the PS3 and one to copy to your PSP..

    I'm not sure if the install file is merely a link or a second copy thus doubling the HDD space required. Maybe someone could clarify that. What is annoying is that the install files cannot be put in albums as they behave the same way background downloaded files do and just sit in the game XMB column doing nothing until you delete them.

    It is annoying. I had a good 30+GB of PSP games on my PS3 which no longer work. I'd be more upset but the copy on my PS3 was redundant anyway. The ease of backups to and from PC via Media Go is awesome. Still poor form on Sony's part but so long as I can continue with Media Go on PC for Vita then I'm sure I'll cope.

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