Fire Emblem To Set Japan Ablaze Next Spring

Last night, Nintendo held the second of its Nintendo Direct online press conferences. In it, the Kyoto-based game creator confirmed several Japanese release dates. One of them was new — the one for Fire Emblem.

While Nintendo did confirm Japanese release dates for titles like Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D (Mar. 8, which we knew), it also gave new release dates for Shin Sangoku Musou Vs., or rather Dynasty Warriors Musou Vs. (Mar. 15, which we didn't).

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream, Drop Distance, once again, was given a wide release window. Once again, March was penciled in for its Japanese release — just as it was earlier this month.

The one game that stood out was the eagerly awaited Fire Emblem 3DS title. That game will be out Apr. 19 in Japan. Yesterday, news broke that Fire Emblem will be the first 3DS game to have DLC for sale. According to the Nikkei report, Nintendo will begin moving forward with DLC in March, making it appear as though the game was dated for that same month.

Fire Emblem will be out on the 3DS in April — the 19th to be exact.

Nintendo Direct [任天堂]


    The 3D fire emblems do not compare to the GBA era at all. And this game has another blue haired sword weilding lord. DLC also? God Nintendo has really dropped the ball with the series.

    ^ Actually the GBA ones are kinda average, the best ones are the SNES games and the most recent DS one THAT STILL HASN'T BEEN TRANSLATED DAMMIT. The main characters mostly use swords because it's the most versatile weapon (bows = no, some games give axes terrible acc. etc.). That most recent game that still hasn't been translated also had quite a bit of DLC, except it was all free. So yeah.

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