Gifts For Someone Who Has All The Games They Want Already

As soon as games launch, he or she's got 'em. This gamer doesn't just play games, this gamer collects them. Their back catalogue is more than a best-of or a bunch of favourites, it's a compendium — a library.

So what do you get the gamer who has all the games?

Baby Mario Plush

Mario from the Yoshi series gets immortalised as a plush toy. Think Mario is cute? What about Baby Mario? A Baby Mario plush toy that can be cuddled and snuggled? *squeal* $US12.90 for Mario — ditto for Baby Luigi and Baby Peach.


Ack! Purveyor of fine t-shirts, Meat Bun, is offering this anatomically correct drawing of the universe's most frightening space parasite. This is the stuff of nightmares — and great t-shirts. $US24 at Meat Bun.

Mega-Man 1/10 Scale Pre-Painted Model

One of gaming's most iconic characters, this 5-inch poseable Mega-Man, is ready for bookshelves and desktops. Some assembly is required, and the model comes alternate parts, such as different faces and hands. $US39.90.

Desmond Hoodie

This may look like a regular hoodie, but it's not. It's a reversible Assassin's Creed hoodie. Note that it doesn't have pockets, because Assassin's Creed doesn't need not stinkin' pockets.

It does need neck beard. Lots and lots of neck beard. $US90.

Devil May Cry Red Queen Sword of Nero

Dante's Red Queen blade brought to life, and each piece has its own serial number. At 42 inches long, with stainless steel blade, the grip is wrapped in leather, and it's the closest one can get to wielding Dante's weapon — without it bursting to flames. $US249.98.

Link on Epona

There are only 1500 of these slated to be made. Surely, your special someone deserves at least one of them. The figure is from the "Master Arts" line of Twilight Princess statues. Hand-numbered, the piece is 17 inches, hand-finished and hand-painted. $US424.99.

Octane 120

Drinking and driving? Bad, very bad. Drinking and arcade gaming? Good, very good. This setup includes a full HD projector, 200 racing and arcade games, PC and PS3 connectivity and in-dash beer tap. It can hold 20 litres or one half barrel keg. I can drink to that! "Only $US5995 plus S&H".

Top photo: Hugo Jehle/SWR/dap/AP


    Link on Epona is actually $424.99

      Corrected! Thanks.

      I was about to say OMG THEY ON SALE!!!!

      But i was saddened :(

    Now I feel stupid after playing four Assassin's Creed games and not noticing the similarities between the ancestors hoods and Desmonds. :S

    Get them a starter kit for Warhammer/40K. If they get into it then you can get some joy out of them crying over their wallets injuries.

    Some video game related reading material which I really recommend:

    1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die, $24.39

    The Art and Making of Star Wars: The Old Republic, $26.40

    Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts, $48.07

    None of these would interest me except the last one but without the keg..

      Cool story bro, please tell us more stuff that doesn't interest you.

        Getting prison raped doesnt interest me.

    Yeah I kinda want that Metroid shirt real bad like

      Me too! But i don't think it's work so well on a female. it'd be deformed. D=

    I don't understand game themed clothes from games/characters that are wearing facsimiles of real-life fashions.

    Not to nitpick, but that's actually Nero's sword, not Dante's. It even says it in the name AND multiple times on the page the article links to. While the US articles are normally full of simple mistakes like this, I figured I'd point it out in case you wanted to change it, Tracey. :-)

    If people are interested, the same website does actually have both Dante's and Vergil's signature swords (Rebellion and Yamato, respectively):

      Wait, "Your comment is awaiting moderation"? Have we gone back to having all comments moderated?

    Dante's sword, eh.

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