The Super Mario Bros. Movie Was ‘Insidious’, Apparently

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Was ‘Insidious’, Apparently

Grantland has written an interesting analysis of the old Super Mario Bros. movie.

Super Mario Bros. created a much more insidious template, one that’s never been as prevalent as it is now: the simultaneous money-grub brand exploitation and fan-base slap in the face.”

Hollywood Archaeology: The Super Mario Bros. Movie [Grantland]


    • Nah, there’s loads. It just so happens that it’s a requirement of employment at Kotaku that you hate the movie and slam it at every chance possible. Or so my reading has led me to believe.

      • As a mario movie, the movie is a steaming pile of shit.

        As a movie, its a steaming pile of shit.

        As a movie that is so bad it’s enjoyable, it’s still a steaming pile of shit, but it’s a fun watch.

        But it’s still a steaming pile of shit. It is neither ‘underrated’ nor is it ‘good’. It is ‘a steaming pile of shit’.

        • It was epic. I was 10 when I first saw it and there was nothing wrong with it! My ten year old self would also highly recommend the He-Man and both Ewok movies!

          • If by nothing wrong with it you mean ‘Completely nothing like Mario Brothers just like HeMan was nothing like the Master of the Universe’ then sure!

            Even as a kid, I didn’t *mind* the HeMan movie but I was very well aware it wasn’t Masters of the Universe I knew and loved. Mario Brothers? Dear christ, that was a travesty.

          • Yeah, I think I was a bout 8 when I saw it and I thought it was pretty awesome. As was I similarly impressed when I saw the live action teenage mutant ninja turtles movies. And likewise with the Ewoks movies.

    • Your not alone it’s a great movie, A surreal fantasy of lychian proportions aimed at children.
      Plus it’s fully faithful to the games, if you played them whilst out of your mind on LSD. 😉
      Also check out this site has a fascinating look at the behind the scenes some of the details on the sets and props is very impressive.

  • Has anyone ever PLAYED Super Mario Brothers? You think staying close to that source material in any way, shape or form would make for a good movie.

    This celluloid Mario travesty was ironically more entertaining than it ever should have been.

    • The earlier games, indeed. However in this modern day, I would say a CGI movie would be amazingly easy to do from all the games that have come and gone.

  • Given the source material I’m convinced the only way there will ever be a good Mario movie (note: I actually liked Super Mario Bros, but it was a terrible film) is if Tim Burton’s the director. Plumbers fighting turtle dinosaurs while doing mushrooms in a land where the clouds and trees have smiley faces, plants try to eat you and bullets randomly fly through the air; it’s right down his alley.

  • The full version is on YouTube if anyone wants to watch it.

    It’s not a good Mario movie. It’s not a good movie of any kind. But my 6 and 7 year old kids are enjoying it on TV right now. I don’t think a live action movie of any kind can work as a Mario movie unless its done as some kind of far flung analogy or something like that. A Tetris movie however … now that writes itself. Throw in some Vin Diesel and Cameron Diaz to sex it up a little and you’ve got yourself a blockbuster.

  • I was bitterly disappointed when I saw this in the cinema as a kid. Apart from the inclusion of Roxette on the soundtrack.

  • It is a good movie.

    Not because it resembles the games well – because it doesn’t.
    Not because it’s a masterpiece of film making – because it isn’t.

    But because it has the kind of energy and enthusiasm, the imagination and risk. The kind of typifying eclectic style that movies from the 80s and 90s has.
    The same imagination and energy I saw in Masters of the Universe, Dune, The Dark Crystal, Transformers (original animated), The Fifth Element, Flash Gordon, The Last Starfighter and more.

    I know that it’s mostly nostalgia talking and that there are some modern gems that I hope to see the same way in the next 20 years. But right now most movies feel like copy-paste generic stuff. I mean back when I saw Toy Story I never thought there would be as many terrible CG movies that had less imagination than the technology finally afforded them.

  • Sure its an easy target to bag, but it did its own version in order to get it to work on film. I really like the dark and gritty world they created in the end, they took the mario brothers idea, interperated it and expanded it their own way. I loved it as a kid and don’t even mind it now.
    P.s. I love the soundtrack, Alan Silvestri is the best 😀

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