Global Gaming Grows By Leaps And Bounds, Especially In Developing Nations

Thanks to the global game-delivery company Pando Networks, who sent over this infographic breaking down their user growth over the past three years. Game downloads have been increasing a some very intense rates around the globe, with a 1025% increase in Europe and a 595% growth in Latin America since 2009.

The infographic also notes that online gaming is seeing serious growth in developng nations, with Pando users in Turkey downloading free-to-play games at a rate up 534% from just last year.

Of course, this data is based purely on Pando's client base, which while large (70 million have used the service since 2009, and more than 38 million will use it in 2011 alone), it can still only represent those users. That said, it is remarkable how quickly free-to-play online gaming continues to grow in the rest of the world.

The infographic breaks the data down below. You can check out a higher resolution here.


    Damn this Hamilton bloke is writing some good stuff.

    Anyone know what he did before Kotaku?

      Fortune cookie's, I think.

    It's always bugged me to see a % more than 100, surely there are other ways to express the figures.

      divide the percentage by 100, then put a x symbol in front of it… so 534% is x5.34

      they could write "x2.5" or 2.5/1 if that somehow seems more correct to you than 250%.

      Does it freak you out that the space shuttle uses "104.5%" of its thrust on take off? :P

    What's causing the growth? No consoles? Funny that...

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