I'm Not Really Feeling The Official Name Of The Marvel Universe MMO

After years of being referred to as simply Marvel Universe, Gazillion's massively multiplayer superhero game finally has an official name. Unfortunately, it's Marvel Heroes. How can a name featuring such a recognisable name sound so generic?

I would have preferred Marvel Super Hero Squad, but that name is taken by Gazillion's kid-friendly free-to-play MMO already, so we're stuck with Marvel Heroes.

I suppose it's an appropriate name for a massively multiplayer online game that lets players step into the spandex booties of Marvel's most iconic characters, including the newly-revealed Spider-Man, but can't we jazz it up a little? Hell, call it Mighty Marvel Team-Up or something. I'm falling asleep just imagining playing Marvel Heroes.


    Excelsior Online!

    Although MArvel is my prefered comic base, i just hope it doesnt end up l ike DC online ...

      Dude, it's going to end up like DC online. These MMO's are totally transparent schemes to milk the publishers intellectual property rights until the well runs dry.

      I love Marvel and that's why I'm sure they'll fuck it up.

    I'm still excited. It looks like a different kind of MMO, which is cool.

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